RadhaKrishn 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update


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RadhaKrishn 2nd June 2021 Hanuman touches Radha’s feet, and Radha wipes his tears. Mahadev seeing that tells Devi Gauri that today they saw a new example of mother and son’s love. Devi Gauri says Hanuman is a pure devotee and Mahadev’s ansh, the whole universe are proud to see a mother and son’s love via them. Mahadev says this moment is amazing. Gauri says Radha got back her memories, so she will reunite with Krishna forever. Mahadev says Radha will forget this truth in sometime and still there is time for Radha and Krishna’s reunity. Krishna thinks he is right, Radha’s memories cannot return for sometime. Krishna, Radha, and Balram show their divine form of Ram, Seeta, and Laxman. Gauri says its a mesmerizing visual and asks if Hanuman will stay with Krishna. Mahadev says Hanuman has to leave and only aradhya and bhakt/devotee will decide about it, let us see what they will do now.

Hanuman sees Dwarka being decorated and asks reason. A man says Krishna asked to decorate Dwarka for a guest’s farewell. Hanuman thinks if he is that guest, but he doesn’t want to go away from his prabhu; he has to do something and prove his importance here. He thinks of drawing rangoli and then thinks of asking Krishna himself. Radha sees temple being decorated and asks reason from Krishna. Krishna says this temple is made for pranpratishta and people from far away will visit this temple and experience its divinity. Hanuman walks in and thinks his dilemma is cleared now, he walks to Krishna and says even he wants to help him build this temple. Krishna says there is no need for that. Balram says he is their guest and should rest and accept their hospitality. Hanumans says not to call him a guest, he wants to stay back and serve prabhu. Balram says he is serving his prabu since his came, now he should rest and let them perform his farewell soon. Radha backs him. Hanuman says he wants to do something. Krishna also says he should rest. Balram calls him aside. Hanuman thinks his prabhu didn’t ask him to stay back, but is sure that prabhu, mata, and brother will understand his intention.

Radha asks Krishna when he knows Hanuman’s intention, why don’t he ask him to stay back. Krishna says he will have a tough travel soon and needs to inform Hanuman something serious which he may not like, but he has to. After sometime, Hanuman walks to Radha and sees her preparing ladus. Radha says Krishna asked her to prepare ladus for Hanuman’s farewell, he can have ladu till he is full and carry some for his travel. Hanuman says he doesn’t want to go now and will go after sometime. She asks him how are ladus smelling. He says very pleasant. She walks away. He thinks Radha went away, he will serve Krishna and will not let him send him away.

Idol arrives at temple. Balram asks Krishna to reveal it at least now. Krishna asks him to wait. Hanuman enters and says he will carry it. Krishna says its okay as he wants to to establish it himself. Balram says let us establish it. Hanuman says he will bring herbs from mountain for pooja. Balram says he has already arranged it, so Hanuman should rest. Krishna keeps idol in its place and makes pooja arrangements. Hanuman tries to help him, but he ignores Hanuman. Hanuman walks away sadly. Balram asks Krishna why don’t he let Hanuman help him and let him stay near him for some more time. Krishna says he unwillingly has to send Hanuman away following the destiny. After sometime, Krishna goes to his room to rest. Hanuman walks in and sits near his feet. Krishna asks if he didn’t rest yet. Hanuman says his place is near his feet always and he looks tired, so he will serve him. Krishna yawns. Hanuman snaps his fingers and says he should be allowed to snap his fingers always and reminds earlier events. Krishna remembers the incidents and describes how he had entered room at midnight to snap fingers and Seeta got angry and sent him away, then asks him to go and rest and let him rest. Hanuman leaves. Once Krishna falls asleep, Hanuman returns and presses his foot. Krishna wakes up. Hanuman requests to let him serve him as he gets tired working whole day. Krishna asks to press another feet and says this is the last chance to serve him. Hanuman gets sad hearing that.


RadhaKrishn 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna performs Hanuman’s pranpratishta in temple and tells that Hanuman will be present in this temple always. Hanuman chants Jai Siya Ram.


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