RadhaKrishn 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 2nd November 2021 Shalv is about to kill a cow when Krishna disguised as cowherd Gopal stops him and requests him not to kill his Krishna. Shalv asks where is Krishna. Gopal says his cow’s name is Krishna and she has calves with Balram, Yashoda, Rukmini’s names.

Shalv asks if he kept Krishna’s family’s names to his cows. Gopal jokes making Shalv angry and leaving with his army ordering him to change his cow’s names. Gopal turns into Krishna and says everthing belongs to Krishna and Shalv is just delusional.

Shukracharya asks Shalv not to go as Krishna is right there. Shalv shouts not to mislead him and says Kaptasur must have executed his plan and divided Krishna’s army, so its a right time to attack Dwarka and conquer it. Balram seeing army dividing thinks how will they win over Shalv.

Kaptasur enjoys Radha’s prepared feast and says he always feels that he never had such a tasty food and will never have one. She offers him kheer. He sees flies in it. She says Krishna’s kheer never spoils. He thinks maybe it spoilt because he is not Krishna, anyways once he kills Krishna, kheer will be fine and he will also get Radha.

He asks Radha to feed him food and extends his hand. Radha is about to hold his hand when Balram enters and says they cannot win over Shalv if they divide their army. Krishna says he took this decision after much thought. Radha insists Krishna to let Balram take a decision. Kaptasur agrees and informs army that Balram will take Dwarka’s security decision from hereon and asks Radha if she is happy now.

She smiles. Shalv’s army notices Kaptasur increasing security and asks what is he up to. Kaptasur thinks he came to conquer Dwarka, but will conquer Radha first. Krishna thinks Kaptasur fell in Radha’s love at last, now its time to reach there and protect her.

Mahadev notices Gowri tensed and asks reason. Gowri says Krishna hid first, then sent Kaptasur, and now himself is going back to Dwarka to protect Radha; this will confuse Radha. Mahadev says his aradhya does everything secretly. She says a sister should know her brother’s plan. He says even his aradhya’s lady love doesn’t now his plan, they just just wait and watch. She walks away angry. He thinks he wants to watch Krishna leela with her.

Shalv orders his army to attack Dwarka. Shukracharya stops him and warns him not to be a fool. Soldier informs that Kaptasur increased Dwarka’s security. Shalv gets angry. Kaptasur walks to Radha and seeing her painting starts questioning her. Radha says she loves Krishna’s soul and not his body.

He says he knows but just questioned. She asks why he did he. He thinks her nature attracts him more towards her. Krishna disguised as Girdhari enters Dwarka with his cows and says he is Girdhari from Vrindavan. Kaptasur says he will Krishna and get Radha and Dwarka forver.


RadhaKrishn 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Radha invites Girdhari for Krishna’s govardhan mountain story recitation. Girdhari says he wants to hear it from Krishna himself. Kaptasur thinks he doesn’t know govardhan story. Krishna thinks Kaptasur is trapped in his own lies.


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