RadhaKrishn 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 2nd September 2020 Arjun tells Radha and others that Madhav had told that they will meet next in Dwarka, he eagerly wanted to meet him and hence came here. Balram says he did right and asks Subhadra if she knows Arjun. Subhadra says who doesn’t know world’s best archer Arjun. Balram says Arjun came at the right time, he can attend Subhadra’s wedding with Duryodhan. Arjun gets amazed hearing this. Subhadra says Duryodhan is the world’s best wrestler and a humble human. Arjun says she hasn’t seen his brother Bheem wrestling, in fact all 5 Pandavs are brave warriors. Duryodhan asks why don’t he fight with him right now. Arjun says he doesn’t want to waste his energy on him and asks Balram to take him to Madhav. In Jail, Paundraka tells Krishna that he knows how to tackle Arjun. Krishna says he can try his best.

Radha sees Subhadra tensed and asks reason. Subhadra says she likes Duryodhan as he is humble human and a great wrestler, but seeing Arjun today who spoke humbly and right, so she is confused. Radha suggests her to listen to her heart and see if she imagines Arjun or Duryodhan as her life partner. Subhadra says like Radha imagines Krishna in her heart. Radha says yes.

Paundraka enjoys sitting on Krishna’s crown. Arjun walks in. Paundraka thinks he must be cheap Arjun, he will show him his place now. Arjun greets Paundraka. Paundraka calling him Arjun welcomes him. Arjun is shocked and tells Radha that he thought Madhav would excitedly hug him, he calls him Parth and not Arjun. Paundraka asks Arjun why did he come here. Arjun says he invited him here. Paundraka says he must have as he invites many. He continues and asks Arjun to go and inform his brothers to accept Duryodhan as their king as Indraprastha comes under Hastinapur and they are nothing in front of Duryodhan. Shakuni says Paundraka is speaking too much instead of concentrating on his task. Arjun gets more angry and asks what is he saying. Paundraka says he is saying right, he is the king here and everyone accept his order here. Arjun says he will support only truth and he will perform Rajasuya yagna and let all the other kingdom know about Indraprastha. Paundraka warns him of the consequences. Arjun walks away fuming. Subhadra walks behind him and stopping him says he looks angry, but she came to talk to him. He calms down, speaks to her and leaves. She stands seeing him going. Radha walks to her and says looks like she is getting impressed by Arjun also. Subhadra says yes, she is now confused between Duryodhan and Arjun. Radha suggests her to listen to her heart.

Arjun meets Radha and requests her to take him to his Madhav. Radha says he just met Krishna. Arjun says he knows that person is not Madhav and even Radha knows about it. Radha says he is exactly as described by Krishna, only a true devotee and lover can understand Krishna. Arjun says Madhav invited him here and made him take oath to perform Rajasuya yaagna, where is he now. Radha says he will meet Krishna at the right time, but right now he should stay here for the task Krishna invited here.

Radha walks to Krishna holding butter. Krishna opens lock and lets her into jail. He says if she feeds him butter and kheer, he doesn’t want to come out of jail as he is getting all the luxuries here; then says he is hungry and she came late. She apologizes and says she had to forgo Paundraka’s high security to come here. Krishna jokes that he will not forgive Paundraka for that. Radha feeds him butter and leaning on his shoulder says this feeling is more than heavenly feeling. Krishna says he provoked Arjun for Rajasuya yagna, now he is waiting for Subhadra’s decision. Radha asks what if Subhadra loves Duryodhan. Krishna says he will get Subhadra married to Duryodhan.


RadhaKrishn 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Shakuni says let us start tilak ritual. Duryodhan says he accepts Subhadra as his life partner. Balram asks Subhadra to speak. Subhadra says she doesn’t love Duryodhan. Balram asks Subhadra what about his promise made to Arjun. Krishna walks in saying he should have thought well before promising. Shakuni thinks what happened to Paundraka.


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