RadhaKrishn 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 31st August 2021 Krishna tells Radha that all her wishes will be fulfilled. Radha says her last wish is love and she wants to love him forever. He says why not. She asks if she will get his love even after 100 rs. He says she will find out in the morning. Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that Radha is lucky that she will get Krishna’s love after 100 years, how will it happen. Mahadev says his aradhya Krishna can do anything. She says she wants to know He suggests her to call her brother and question him. She calls him. He emerges and says his sister herself called him today. She says he knows her dilemma. He says his promise depends on Radha’s wishes, Radha has 3 prmises; one is he had told Radha that they will reunite after 100 rs, second is Radha wants to leave the world before him, third is Radha wants to love him immensely, but words spoken unknowingly will pose a problem and its not easy for Radha to choose among 3 promises, whatever she choses, her wish will be fulfilled.

Krishna returns to Ganesh and asks why he looks sad. Ganesh says he was excited about janmastami and wanted to invite all gods, but Krishna’s special promise to Radha confused him. Krishna asks what is he thinking then. He says he doesn’t know how to meet Radha before leaving Dwarka. He asks her not to think much and meet Radhika. He searches Radha. Sam notices him. Radha prepares kheer. Ganesh walks to him and says he wants to meet her and see her happy before leaving Dwarka. She says he is Ganesh and knows everything, tomorrow 100 years will complete after janmastami and she will reunite with Krishna forever. He says he will watch the mesmerizing event from Kailash. She says she made her realize her motherhood, will he not return back forever. He says he will return often to meet her. She says she will take him to Nidhivan and show her and Krishna’s past memories. She takes him there and shows her and Krishna’s dancing memories. He says he never saw such an amazing event till now and asks if she will stay alone here till Krishna meets her. She says his memories will be with her always.

Sam meets Shukracharya in Patal lok and says tomorrow Radha and Krishna will finish 100 years on earth and celebrate janmastami, he wants to know what happened 100 years ago. Shukracharya with his superpowers watches Sridhama’s curse on Radha 100 years ago. Balram tells Krishna that her and Radha will reunite tomorrow after 100 years. Krishna says Radha will remember that she is Radha rani and will remember all their lovely memories. Shukracharya informs Sam that Radha will realize that she is the queen of golok and Krishna real life partner, she is half strength of Krishna. Sam says if that happens, they cannot defeat Krishna. Shukracharya says he needs to take revenge from Krishna for killing his mother, remembering Narayan killing his mother.

Radha waits for Krishna. Shukracharya reaches there and says he will take revenge form Krishna via her. She says if he could, he would have long ago. He says he will send her to an unknown place and will see if Krishna can search her. He attacks and disappears her. Radha shouts Krishna. Krishna reaches there and gets angry on Shukracharya. Balram asks what happened. Krishna says Shukracharya did a heinous act of kidnapping Radha, he will fail Shukracharya’s plan and will reunite with Radha.


RadhaKrishn 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna says will unite all 3 worlds and will find Radha. He plays bansuri. Radha hears him. They both meet. Radha says she remembers everything now.


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