RadhaKrishn 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 3rd August 2022 Radha asks Usha and Gauri about their parents. Usha says her parents are very poor and cannot take care of them, so they sent them to a rich man’s house for work until they can gather money for Gauri’s wedding.

She shows Gauri’s bruised hands and says her sister doesn’t want to marry as she loves someone name Shankar. Gauri says a poor girl doesn’t have any right to marry the love of her life. She reveals that rich man’s wife badmouthed about Bhargavi that she is characterless. Usha says Gauri is crying since she insulted Bhargavi and didn’t have food since then.

Bhargavi wipes their tears and asks if they all 3 can have food together. Gauri asks Bhargavi tell about her husband. Bhargavi says her husband is a dignified person and loves her immensely, she didn’t realize when she fell in his love, etc.

She promises Gauri that she will get her married to Shankar and prays Narayan to help her if she truly loves Srinivas. Srinivas thinks Bhargavi’s wish will be fulfilled at any cost.

Padmavati tells her friends that she made Srinivas happy by sending her most trusted aides to find Bhargavi. Friends say they were wondering why she sent her trusted aides to find Bhargavi. Padmavati says she has nothing to do with Bhargavi and just wants to win Srinivas’ heart and not let anyone come in between them.

Bhargavi tells Gauri that she will meet rich lady and try to convince her for Gauri and Shankar’s marriage. Gauri says her owner will not agree. Bhargavi says let her try and if she fails, the should act as not knowing her at all.

Padmavati tells Srinivas that she finally made him happy. He says he is not happy till Bhargavi is found. She insists him to accompany her somewhere to cheer up his mood. He agrees. She thinks she will win his heart and make sure there is no place for Bhargavi in his life anymore.


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