RadhaKrishn 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update


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RadhaKrishn 3rd May 2021 Radhika thinks why is she eager to see Krishna. Krishna’s stone idol thinks Krishna will meet her at the right time. Banke takes food for Radha and requests to have food as she looks weak. She says she doesn’t want to as he is a trickster. He says its waste to oppose a monster Dantavakra. She asks what he wants. He says he came to help her, but she is insulting him while Krishna didn’t even come to help her. She says she considers Krishna as her god more than her lover and prays him, so she will not call him even if she dies. Banke thinks she was never selfish and never prayed for herself, that is why he respects her more. Balram walks to him and says he cannot understand his plan, why he is trying humiliate his dear ones in front of an asur Dantavakra, why can’t he fight Dantavakra in his Banke avatar. Banke says he doesn’t know that he had promised Dantavakra once long ago and over time will find out who really Dantavakra is.

Shukracharya walks to Dantavakra and asks if he killed Radha. Dantavakra says Radha will surrender herself to him and reminisces Banke’s words. Shukracharya dehypnotizes him with is powers and says he disobeyed him. Dantavakra says he can never disobey him. Shukracharya says Naryan disguised as Dantavakra’s friend has hypnotized and fooled him like before and they should catch hold of Radha before Narayan does anything.

Radha tells Banke that he is shameless to stand here and laugh. He says his task is finished. She asks which task and asks Balram not to support Banke. He says he is not. She asks him to go away. He asks Banke to tell truth to Radha. Radha asks what truth. Banke asks same. Balram asks to stop tricking them. Banke says they should wait for the right time. Radha warns Banke not to speak between her and Dau. Dantavakra walks to Banke angrily. Radha says Banke’s friend came. Dantavakra says Banke is a trickster. Radha says everyone knows that. Dantavakra warns her to shut up, he will find Krishna via her and kill him. She says he can kill her but not think of harming Krishna. Dantavakra shouts that she is just a means to reach Krishna. Banke asks him to speak properly with Radha. Dantavakra says looks like he is supporting Radha more. Banke says he is not and asks him to accompany him to show something. Balram thinks what happened to Kanha.

Dantavakra walks aside with Banke and asks to tell what he has to, else he will kill him. Banke asks if he will kill him, he didnt’ say anything as he didn’t want to reveal truth in front of them; he should remember the promise made to him long ago by lookin into his eyes. Dantavakra reminisces Shukrayacharya’s warning to never look into Banke’s eyes and let him hypnotize him, denies to look into his eyes. Krishna says he has to look into his eyes to know truth. Dantavakra sees Banke everywhere. Krishna hypnotizes him and says he is everywhere and reveals truth that he is asur raj Dantavakra in this life and in past life he was Narayan’s dwarpal/gatekeeper Vijay of Jay and Vijay brother duo; he used to love him a lot and became very possessive; he stopped people from meeting him and misused his rights, he started doing sins to keep Narayan to himself; one day he stopped Brahma putra from meeting Narayan and didn’t let them saying Narayan is resting. Brahma putra via their powers found out Narayan is awake and when Vijay and Ajay both don’t agree, they curse both Ajay and Vijay that that will leave Vaikunta and will die and reborn repeatedly. Vijay apologizes and requests to take back their curse. Brahma putra say mistake is forgiven and not sin. Narayan emerges and greets them. Vijay pleads for his recommendation. Naryan requests Brahma putra to forgive Vijay and Ajay and take back their curse. Brahma putra say they will either be away as Narayan’s devotees for 7 lives or his enemies for 3 lives. Vijay and JKay say the cannot stay away from Narayan for 7 lives. Brahma putra says once they spend 3 lives as Narayan’s enemy and die via him, they will return to Vaikunta. Out of flashback, Krishna informs that in first life, Jay and Vijay were born as Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu and were killed by Narayan’s avatars, they were born as Ravan and Kumbhakarna in 2nd lives and were killed by Narayan’s avatar again, and in third life Jay became Sishupal whom Krishna killed and Vijay became Dantavakra whom he will end. He says its his decision now to die with devotion or enmity.

Banke then walks back to Radha. Radha asks why did he shamelessly return. He says explained Dantavakra that Radha is Krsihna’s better half and life partner, but he said that Radha cannot even identify Krishna in his other forms. Radha says this is not true. Balram asks Radha to tell truth now. He says let the right time comes. Shukracharya returns to Dantavakra and dehypnotizing him scolds him looking into Banke’s eyes, says Krishna is in stone’s form and unwilingly he has to attack Balram and Radha to stop Krishna from returning. Krishna’s stone idol turns back into Krishna.


RadhaKrishn 4th May 2021 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Radha announces that she is Krishna’s biggest devotee. Krishna thinks she awoke a person who is a symbol of devotion. Hanumanji is shown.


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