RadhaKrishn 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 3rd November 2021 Krishna disguised as Girdhari from Vrindavan enters Dwarka with cows. Guards stop him and ask who is he. He says he is Girdhari from Vrindavan who came to meet Krishna. They ask him to prove his identity first. He asks them to prove that they are from Dwarka.

They show a medal. He gives them Vrindavan’s milk praising its sweetness. They enjoy milk and praising it asks him to follow them to Krishna. He says he needs to get milk from cows first and then will meet Radha directly. They say today is celebration in Dwarka and Radha needs milk for pooja, so he can sell his milk to Radha directly.

Radha discusses with Rukmini and others that they need milk and butter for pooja. Guards then inform Radha that a cowherd has come with Vrindavan’s milk. Radha gets happy hearing that and informs that Vrindavan’s milk is very tasty. Girdhari walks to her with milk. She invites him to attend Govardhan mountain story recitation tonight.

He says its better if Krishna himself recites it as only he can do justice to the story. Radha agrees and tries to pay for his milk. He denies and walks away. Radha tells Rukmini that Girdhari is behaving like Krishna. Rukmini says that is because he is from Krishna’s village.

Kaptasur hears Girdhari’s conversation and thinks he cowherd knows about govardhan story well, so he needs to know from him. He searches Girdhari and questions guards. Guards say he was in jungle, was in market, was in palace. Kaptasur thinks how can a cowherd be in same place, he is a bigger trickster than him, so he needs to meet him and find out his intentions.

Girdhari thinks he will show Kaptasur what real trick is and walks to Kaptasur. Kaptasur sends guards away and asks who he really is. Girdhari says he is a cowherd from Vrindavan. Kaptasur asks what he knows about govardhan mountain. Girdhari asks one who lifted it with his left hand’s small finger is asking about it. Kaptasur asks if he lifted it and asks reason. Krishna continues acting as praising him and explains him the whole incident. Kaptasur leaves thinking to impress Radha. Girdhari turns back to Krishna to meet Radha.

Radha eagerly waits for Krishna to perform Dantheras pooja and recite govardhan story. She hears Krishna’s bansuri sound and walks to him. Krishna thinks he is seeing her after a long time. She says her tress is troubling him since years. He says its time to end it. She asks why he plays with his peacock feather. He denies. Radha reminisces Krishna/Kaptasur playing with feather.


RadhaKrishn 4th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Radha thinks how can Krishna be in 2 places at once. She reads a message that she should listen to the music which plays in her and Krishna’s heart once. She walks to Kaptasur and asks him to play that music. Krishna thinks Kaptasur is caught now.


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