RadhaKrishn 4th January 2020 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 4th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 4th January 2020 Episode Start With Sishupal tells Rukmini that he will kill Krishna first and then marry Rukmini. Rukmini thinks where is Krishna. Balram sees Krishna resting and angrily says instead of preparing for war, he is resting here. Jarasand angrily shouts that instead of meeting him, Sishupal has gone to meet Rukmini. Sishupal enters taunting him to stop getting angry in old age. Jarasand warns him to behave with united Bharath’s king. Sishupal continues insulting him and then Rukmi. Rukmi fumes, but calms down on Jarasand’s advice. Jarasand says now Rukmi and Sishupal’s armies are with him, he is waiting for his friend Kalyavan who is most powerful warrior in the world.

Balram hears Kalyavan’s name and asks Krishna who is he. Krishna describes how Sishupal prayed Brahmadev seeking to become world’s most powerful warrior, gods fear him and try all sort of tricks to spoil is tapasya/meditation, but he doesn’t deter. Gods plead Brahmadev not to grant boon to Kalyavan. Brahmadev says he has to as per rules. He emerges in front of Kalyavan. Kalyavan seeks boon that he should be world’s best warrior. Brahmadev says Sri Krishna is the world’s best warrior and if he defeats Krishna, he will be called world’s best warrior. Kalyavan agrees. Balram asks Krishna why Kalyavan is supporting Jarasand. Krishna says he can fight with him only via this way. Jarasand greets Kalyavan and says all 3 immortal warriors will attack Krishna at once and will kill him. Kalyavan says he will fight with Krishna alone and doesn’t need their help.

Radha prays Mahadev to protect Krishna. Kultila and Ayan walk to her with laddoos and say they got a good news for her. Radha tastes ladoos and says they are salty. Ayan says news is good for them and bad for Radha as Jarasand, Sishupal, and Kalyavan at once will attack Krishna. Radha finishes all laddoos and says Krishna will win for sure. She prays Mahadev to help Krishna fight against 3 warriors.

Krishna and Balram complete digging burrow. Akroor walks to them and informs that Jarasand has announced in Mathura that he will be attacking Krishna with Kalyavan and Sishupal’s support. Krishna gets angry on Krishna that he kept him busy digging burrow instead of preparing for war, why he wants to run away. Krishna promises to fight with all 3 warriors and also says he will protect Mathura citizens.


RadhaKrishn 6th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna runs from battlefield, Jarasand calls him Ranchor.


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