RadhaKrishn 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 4th May 2022 Padmavathi gifts gold ornaments to Srinivas. Srinivas denies to accept it. Govindraj asks him not to do that. Srinivas tells Padmavathi that he doesn’t have wealth, but has self-respect and hence he cannot accept it. Padmavathi says he she is misunderstanding him. Srinivas requests her to let him go

. Vasudev with Bala walks in and says he will clear his sister’s misunderstanding. Pradmavathi asks Vasu to stay out of it as its between her and Srinivas. Vasu says Srinivas is fooling her by promising her to teach dance and then visiting Bhrigu’s house to teach cooking and dance to his daughter Bhargavi.

He humiliates Srinivas more and leaves asking Padmavathi to take a decision. Padmavathi feels disheartened hearing that and asks Srinivas if what Vasu said is true. Srinivas says yes. Padmavathi leaves crying followed by Srinivas.

Bhargavi imagines Srinivas around her and dances with him. She then realizes it’s her imagination and thinks what is happening to her. Padmavathi walks to Srinivas who is sitting near river shore and says she knew he would be here. She shows him painting made by her and says she knows he is pure hearted.

She apologizes him for not opposing Vasu when he humiliated him. She says she doesn’t have any problem if he cooks at Bhrigu’s house and says he should serve his dish to even her once. She requests him to wear her gifted jewelry at least while teaching dance to her. He thinks Bhargavi didn’t support him when Vasu humiliated her, but Padmavathi did.

He says she is pure hearted and agrees to wear jewelry and teach her and whenever she finishes learning dance, he will leave Venkatgiri. She says that will not happen as Bhargavi’s friends are fond of him and wants to learn dance from him, asks if he fell in love with one of the, then laughs and says she was joking.

Bhargavi visits Natraj temple searching for Srinivas. She knocks store room door calling Srinivas. Govindraj opens the door and gets angry seeing her, recalling their earlier meeting. Their argument starts. She requests him to let her meet Srinivas. He asks her not to trouble Srinivas musch as he looks upset. She walks to Srinivas and apologizes him.


RadhaKrishn 5th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Padmavathi decides to spy on Bhargavi and thinks she will not let anyone interfere between her and Srinivas. Bhargavi clashes with Srinivas, and he holds her. Padamvathi’s maids notice that.


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