RadhaKrishn 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 5th July 2021 Krishna sadly tells Balram that he doesn’t if he will celebrate janmastami with Radha again in Dwarka next year as they cannot go against nature. Balram says he is right. Mahadev provokes Narad that he is not less than Narayan and can do leela/magic like him. Narad says he is right and enjoys doing leela like his aradhya. Mahadev says he is their most favorite saint and with his devotion he has got super powers via which he can do anything he wants, go wherever he wants, and made any do whatever he wants.

Narad says he is right. Mahadev says if Narad was not present, there would have been a cyclone in the world. Narad says he is right. Mahadev says he is a super saint. Other gods back him. Narad gets more elated hearing that. Mahadev asks if he will perform his given task. Narad asks what if Narayan gets angry. Mahadev assures Narayan will not as its his work. Narad asks what he has to do. Mahadev says he needs to convince Narayan’s Krishna avatar to perform ashwamedh yagna. Narad agrees. Balram tells Krishna that he will also help Radha along with Krishna. Krishna asks him to concentrate on his birthday. Balram agrees and leaves. Devi Gauri asks Mahadev if he thinks Narad can convince Krishna for ashwamedh yagna. Mahadev says even he was doubtful before, but now is confident that Narad will succeed as he knows what to do.

Narad reaches Vidharba to meet Rukmini before meeting Radha. Rukmini gets happy seeing him and serves him like a guest. Narad says they are performing ashwamedh yagna on Krishna janmastami and wants Rukmini to sit with Krishna for yagna. Rukmini says she is happy to hear that, but only Krishna will decide who will sit with him for yagna among his 8 pantranis/queens. Narad says she should reach Dwarka and prove that she deserves to sit with him. Rukmini agrees and asks if Krishna really invited her. He says yes and thinks he convinced devi Rukmini to attend ashwamedh yagna and now its Radha’s turn.

Radha gets busy with other queens in Krishna janmastami arrangements when Narayan walks to her . Radha reminisces meeting him in golok in her previous avatar and says she saw him somewhere before. He thinks he wants to touch devi Lakshmi’s feet and says he came to meet her. She asks why and says she will take him to Krishna. He gets nervous an says he cannot meet Krishna today. Radha asks why. He says he will reveal her the secret why he came here for. On the other side, Balram tells Krishna that Radha is planning his janmastami.

Narad tells Radha that gods have decided to perform ashwamedh yagna via Krishna on his birthday and hence want Krishna’s all 8 patranis present during yagna, but a few are missing here. Radha gets excited and says she will invite all 8 patranis. Narad says already devi Rukmini is coming. Radha insists him to stay back till yagna finishes. He says her order is like Narayan’s order for him and agrees to stay in Dwarka till yagna completes. Radha agrees. Narad murmurs he needs to escape from Narayan’s anger. Radha asks whose anger. Krishna with Balram walks in and says he caught him.


RadhaKrishn 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna challenges Narad that he will how they will force him to perform ashwamedh yagna. Narad accepts challenge. Radha asks Narad to bring Krishna remaining 7 wives like he brought Rukmini. All 8 pantranis gather.


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