RadhaKrishn 5th October 2020 Written Episode Update


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RadhaKrishn 5th October 2020 Krishna reveals his decision to not participate in war on either Pandavs or Kaurav’s side and not to lift his weapon. Pandavs and Duryodhan are shocked to hear that. Bheem says Krishna expressed his decision, they want to hear Balram Dau’s opinion. Duryodhan says Balram Dau is his guru and will fight from his side. Balram says like Krishna, he will not support anyone and will not fight. Duryodhan gets happy thinking he will win for sure then. He requests Krishna that he will meet him with request in the morning. Krishna gives a long moral gyaan and agrees. He then meets Radha. Radha says he is playing here without worrying about war. Krishna says its a long time and they should support truth always. . Radha says he is talking as if he is immortal and everyone are mortal, Pandavs need him and he says dharm should be supported, but adharma is powerful and he is supporting adharma indirectly. Krishna says he called both Duryodhan and Arjun tomorrow morning. Radha says Arjun can at most ask his Narayani sena. Krishna says he knows what Arjun will ask and whoever has love in heart will win.

Arjun tells his brothers that Madhav called him also in the morning and he has something in his mind, doesn’t know if Madhav will give it or not. Next morning, while Krishna rests on his swinger, Duryodhan walks into his room and thinking why should he stand near Vasudev Krishna’s feet sits near his head. Arjun enters next and greets Krishna bending near his feet. Duryodhan asks what is he doing here. Arjun says Madhav called him here. Duryodhan asks to wake up Krishna then. Arjun says they came with a request and shouldn’t disturb Madhav until he wakes up. Duryodhan wakes up Krishna saying he doesn’t have time. Krishna opens eyes and speaks to Arun. Duryodhan says even he is present. Krishna says he saw Arjn first. Duryodhan says he came first and will request first. Krishna says Arjun is his brother, so let him request first. Duryodhan insists. Krishna agrees and says he has 2 things to give, one is himself and another is his vast Narayani sena. Duryodhan gets greedy seeing Narayan sena and says he needs Narayani sena. Krishna says tathasthu. Duryodhan walks away happily. Krishna tells Arjun that he doesn’t have any other option than himself, he will not even fight. Arjun with bent head says he wants Krishna to become his charioteer. Radha says Arjun understands Krishna and his charioteer is requesting to become his charioteer. Krishna says tathasthu, he will become Arjun’s charioteer.

Krishna meets Radha again. Radha says her Krishna will become Arjun’s charioteer. She sees a fierce war, Kaurav’s vast army which is shaking the earth, Bhism who is guiding army and is ready to fight against his grandsons Pandavs, guru Dhronacharya who taught fighting to Pandavs and himself is ready to fight with them, Karn who doesn’t want to fight but is fighting helplessly even after knowing he is supporting adharma by supporting shakuni and Duryodhan, Pandavs who got 7 akshuvini sena and many great warriors’ support. She continues that Duryodhan didn’t stop even after that; this war will bring a lot of disaster and the world will be devoid of love. Krishna says fate is not in their hands, and when destroyal arrives, it brings new evolution and progress. Radha says this war will shed river of blood. Krishna says to establish dharma, any sacrifice is not big, but before this war, one unique knowledge will emerge which will establish Dharma, it will carry sanatan dharma, all the creatures in the world will benefit from it and it will spread via Arjun, and fate created this knowledge for this day; this gyaan will be sanathan, his motto of life, geeta prasar.

Pandavs and Kauravs gather in battlefield. Duryodhan orders Bhisma to fight against Pandavs and kill them. Bhisma says he will not kill his grandsons. Duryodhan says he needs victory and not Pandavs’ lives. Shakuni says after victory, Pandavs will lose life anyways. Bhisma says between all this vast army, the only truth is Sri Krishna and he may be reason for Duryodhan’s defeat. Krishna gets on chariot and becomes Arjun’s chariot. Arjun reminisces Bhisma’s words that he has to consider everyone his enemy, be it him or Hastinapur. He thinks he cannot consider Bhisma as enemy. Krishna thinks he will describe Geeta Saar to Arjun.


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