RadhaKrishn 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 5th September 2022 Vasu tells Bhargavi that if she wins a dance competition with Padmavati, she will forget Srinivas adn Padmavati and marry him. Bhargavi says she will think about it. Vasu feels happy and says he will pray for her victory. Bharya/Govindraj hears their conversation.

Bhargavi thinks she promised Vasu, but cannot take a decision before meeting Srinivas. Padmavatti practices dance. Her aides praises her performance and says she is sure that Padmavati will win for sure. Vasu walks in and says he knows his sister will the competition, but he wants her to lose.

Pamdavati asks if he has gone mad. Vasu says he loves Bhargavi and can marry her only if Padmavati accepts defeat and its up to his sister if she wants his brother to be happy or not. She refuses. He says she wants to win for Srinivsa, but Srinivas is not present here at all.

Bhargavi sits at a lake bed and looks in dilemma. Venkatesh walks to Bhargavi and asks what is she think, can he help her. Bhargavi hesitates. Padmavati thinks Vasu was right that winning competition is of no use when Srinivas is not present here, so she needs to rehink about the completion.

Bhargavi asks Venkatesh if he can bring Srinivas during her dance competition. Venkatesh gets emotional and says he is Srinivas and was waiting to hear his name from her mouth. He gets out of imagination and promise to bring Srinivas tomorrow. Bhargavi feels happy.

Venkatesh returns home. Govindraj explains him what he saw and what is Vasu’s intention. Venkatesh explains his conversation with Bhargavi. Bharya feels happy and say she doesn’t have to enact as Bharya now. Venkatesh says he will visit as Bharya to Vasu and keep him busy in her talks.

Padmavati recalls quality time spent with Srinivas. Ventakesh meets her and says he heard about Vasu threatening her to lose the competition, she shouldn’t be afraid of his threat. Padmavati says she doesn’t want to compete. Ventakesh says she must be missing Srinivas and says Srinivas wouldn’t feel good if he watches her losing competition.

Padmavati excitedly asks if he will really bring Srinivas. Ventakesh asks where is Srinivas. Padmavati says he has to a nearby Shiv mandir and promises to win the competition if Venkatesh brings Srinivas. Ventakesh says Srinivas will be present during the competition tomorrow.


RadhaKrishn 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vasu reveals that he hid thorns in Padmavati’s clothes. Padmavati waits for Srinivas. Srinivas thinks he is coming to fulfill his promise.


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