RadhaKrishn 6th September 2021 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 6th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 6th September 2021 Radha gets into cart and leaves for Barsana. Krishna thinks he is letting her go as he loves her immensely. Balram insists Krishna to stop Radha. Krishna says Radha is a devi of love and can take decisions herself. Balram says he will stop Radha. Krishna says he will neither stop Radha nor him. Balram reveals. Radha stops cart midway and walks in jungle remembering Krishna telling still there is time to return to Golok and describing the reason. Balram stops her and says she promised to call him Dau/elder brother forever, then how can she leave Dwarka; he also suffered for 100 ears and waited to see Radha Krishna reuniting, so he wants her to return to Krishna. Radha says she cannot see Krishna in pain and hence cannot return to Dwarka. He says even he will not return to Dwarka then. She says he is always with Krishna as Narayan’s Seshnag, Ram’s Laxman, Krishna’s Balram and should always be with him. He says he can’t. She gives her promise and asks him to return to Krishna if he respects her. Balram returns to Dwarka crying.

Krishna thinks neither him nor Balram could stop Radha. Radha returns and plays hide and seek with him. Krishna says he will find devi Radha and walks to her and she disappears. He realizes that it was his imagination and thinks his brain is not accepting the truth, but he has to realize that Radha has gone to Barsna. He feels he cannot stay at a place where there is no Radha and this place is haunting him.

Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that she can feel the pain Radha is going through as she also experienced it as Sati. Mahadev describes the event when Krishna was born and says the environment was similar then and says only Radha Krishna’s love can bring them closer. Krishna plays bansuri with painful heart. Yashoda wakes up sensing Krishna’s pain. Even Rukmini and Revati feel Krishna’s pain. Devaki picks Krishna’s bansuri and thinks she will go to console Krishna. Balram stops Krishna and asks him to stop his bansuri as whole Dwarka is in pain seeing him in pain. His whole family walks to him. Balram says whole family is in pain. Rukmini says they cannot see him pain and asks how can they help him. Krishna says he wants to be alone and walks away. Rukmini walks behind him. Balram stops her and says let Krishna stay here.

Rukmini meets Krishna and says she had to come as she felt her son is in deep pain. Balram says he brought mata Devaki here as he felt it right. Krishna touches Devaki’s feet and hugs her. She says he is a karmayogi who does karma at any cost. Krishna says Radha is his love and she left him. She says its Radha’s choice and he should do his duty towards Dwarka and end his pain for his mother. He requests not to say that as its impossible for him.


RadhaKrishn 7th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna finds Radha in a cave and via telepathy asks to accompany him. Radha says she will accompany him a a companion and not as a lover. Krishna thinks let him see how Radha will not fulfill his wish.


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