RadhaKrishn 7th January 2020 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 7th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 7th January 2020 Episode Start With Kalyavan continues searching Krishna and shouts he cannot escape from him. Krishna sitting on a tree enjoys guava and throws it on Kalyavan. Kalyavan gets more angry and turns. Krishna hides and throws stone on him, then sends honeybees to bite him, taunts he called him ranchor and himself is running afraid of small bees. Kalyavan burns bees with his anger and warns Krishna to fight like a true warrior. Krishna says he accepts his defeat, so Kalyavan can go. Kalyavan says he will not go without killing Krishna. Krishna says he shouldn’t fight with ranchor. Kalyavan says ranchor should be killed. Krishna warns him not to come towards him, but Kalyavan walks towards him and slips into dirt.

Sishupal taunts Rukmini that Krishna is a fugitive and describes how Krishna provoked them and when Kalyavan attacked him how Krishna ran away. He tells Rukmini that once Kalyavan brings Krishna’s head, he will marry Rukmini over Krishna’s head, orders soldiers to bring him Krishna’s head. Radha thinks why did Krishna do this.

Kalyavan follows Krishna shouting he will not spare ranchor even at the end of world. Krishna says he is tired now and wants to rest for sometime. Kalyavan warns that he came to kill him and not play with him. Krishna says he is a small kid. Kalyavan shouts one who killed Kans cannot be a kid. Krishna runs into a cave. Kalyavan follows him saying he is a fool to get into a cave, now he cannot escape. Balram sees Kalyavan entering cave and follows him.

Radha continues Shivling’s jal abhishek/water ablution when Ayan and Kutila walk to Radha and taunt her that Krishna ran away from battlefield and is called ranchor now, Krishna is incapable of being a warrior and Radha a mukhiya. Radha says if Krishna has run away, there must be a reason; Krishna can be leeladhar, madhav, anything but not ranchor, she is sure whatever Krishna is doing is for Radha; she is sure nothing will happen to Krishna and until she gets a indication about Krishna’s safety, she will continue jal abhishek. Ayan and Kutila walk away fuming. Krishna hearing Radha says she is right, he is doing this for their future.

Kalyavan sees someone sleeping on floor wearing Krishna’s shawl and kicks him to get up. Krishna comes in front. Kalyavan realizes someone else is sleeping and yells at Krishna. Krishna says he is a fool not to realize that when he can kill Kans, what he can do to him; his arrogance blinded his conscience. Rishi opens eyes and burns Kalyavan into ashes. Radha sees Shivling glowing, realizes Krishna is safe, and fall unconscious next to Shivling. Rishi Michukan asks Krishna who is he. Krishna says he is Krishna. Rishi emotionally bends in front of Krishna and says this is the reason he was in deep sleep till now. Krishna shows his Narayan avatar. Rishi requests to give him mukti. Krishna asks him to go and meditate on Gandhavadan mountain till he gets mukti. Balram asks Krishna what was that. Krishna says nobody in the universe could kill Kalyavan, but rishi Michukan had meditation superpowers and only he could burn Kalyavan. Balram says but.. Krishna says he knows Balram has many questions in his mind, he will answer them later.

Sishupal taunts Rukmini that Kalyavan must have killed Krishna by now. Soldier returns and informs that Krishna killed Kalyavan. Jarasand says it is impossible, Krishna must have tricked. Rukmini laughs and says she knew Krishna will win. Jarasand announces Rukmini’s wedding with Sishupal during next poornima.


RadhaKrishn 8th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna address his people that they got biggest win till now and if he doesn’t mind being called as ranchor. Radha with Barsana citizen chant Ranchor. Krishna asks Balram if he found out special place he ordered. Balram says there is no such place. Krishna says when he is saying, he himself will build it.


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