RadhaKrishn 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 7th July 2022 Narayan tells Srinivas that he has to support Bhargavi and Padmavati and has to stop the swayamwar. Chedi prince falls down while dancing and injures himself. King gets worried and tells Bhrigu that no prince would like to participate in the completion now.

Bhrigu asks him not to worry and make an announcement. King announces to get the injured princes treated if they get injured during competition. Princes discuss that its better not to participate instead of getting humiliated. Vasu disperses competition for the day. King says tomorrow’s competition would be the last one.

Padmavati feels happy seeing the competition ending for the he day. Bhrigu tells Srinivas that Chedi prince would be the perfect match for Padmavati. Srinivas says rule of the competition was to complete the dance, but Chedi prince failed. King assure Padmavati that he will let her choose her life partner and will not force her. Padmavati thanks Mahadev for fulfilling her wish.

Angr Bhrigu walks to Srinivas and accuses of failing in his promise to support him. Srinivsa says the Chedi prince collapsed while dancing and he coudlnt’ let injustice happened to Padmavati, so he had to disqualify him.

Bhrigu warns him not to fool him with his buttery talks and challenges that he will make sure Padamvati’s swayamvar will complete tomorrow. Srinivas thinks Bhrigu is unable to control his anger since years and recalls what happened in the past because of his anger. She thinks how will he get Laxmi back now.

Bhargavi continues to pray Mahadev. Devi Gauri reaches there and tells Mahadev that he fulfilled Padmavati and Bhargavi’s wish, now its her turn to stop Bhargavi’s tears. She digusies herself a a saint and asks Bhargavi why she is crying in front of Mahadev. She reveals that Bhargavi’s swayamwar was stopped today and whole Venkatgiri is talking about it.

She says if the swayamwar is incomplete tomorrow, then it won’t happen in the near future, nobody can forgo Mahadev’s wish. Bhargavi feels happy and prays M<ahadev to get her Srinivas married soon. She tells devi Gauri that she feels immense peace after meeting him and leaves from there.

Srinivas asks Mahadev to answer why he didn’t fulfill his wish. Mahadev emerges and says they are meeting for the first time in Narayan’s Srinivas avatar and its not a pleasant one. Srinivas says he sought help from Mahadev,

but he became a hindrance instead. He asks when he knows what Padmavati would seek him from him if the swayamwar fails. Mahadev says he remembers and says there is still 1 day left and he knows Srinivas would find some way out. Srinivas thanks him for visiting and says he knows Mahadev does everything for a reason-.

Srinivas visits Padmavati. Padmavati thanks him for disqualifying princes. Srinivas asks him not to thank him and asks why she called him here. She offers him a dress and asks him to wear it during swayamwar as she wants him to look very handsome while making an announcement with her tomorrow. Srinivas thinks she is not ready for whatever will happen tomorrow.


RadhaKrishn 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhrigu suggests to organize archery competition, Padmavati’s swayamwar can be completed. Srinivas practices archery. Bhrigu senses Narayan’s presence.


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