RadhaKrishn 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update


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RadhaKrishn 8th October 2020 Arjun tells Krishna that he understood that he will kill his dear one’s bodies and not their souls, soul is immortal, but he his karma will be spoilt if he kills his dear ones. He asks how can he kill Bhisma Pitamaha who fed him from his own hands and bought him up, how can he kill his guru Dhronacharya who taught him to fight. Krishna says he should perform his karma and not bother about the end result. Arjun continues his worries. Krishna describes story of Raja Harischandra who performed his duties without bothering about end results. Raja Harischandra is seen taking oath that he will not wear footwear until he clear all his citizens’ problems. He loves his wife Taramati a lot and got a son after a lot prayers.

He loves citizens more than them. One day, he heads into jungle fighting against dacoits where Rishi Vishwamitra is performing meditation. Rishi Vishwamitra’s meditation breaks hearing dacoits shouting for help and seeing raja Harischandra asks who is he who disturbed his meditation. Raja Harischandra says dacoits shouts broke his meditation. Vishwamitra says he must have frightened dacoits which is wrong, so for spoiling his meditation, he has to pay him. Raja Harischandra says he will pay anything he wants. Vishwamitra asks him to give his whole kingdom and even his clothes. Raja Harischandra agrees and sacrifices his kingdom and clothes. Rishi Vishwamitra asks him to get him jewelry and gold worth his weight within 1 month. Raja Harischandra agrees. Rishi Vishwamitra warns that he shouldn’t take anyone’s help.

Arjun says they gambled and lost their kingdom, but Raja Harischandra sacrificed everything for truth. Krishna continues story where Raja Harischandra with his wife and son begs and nobody dare to help him going against Rishi Vishwamitra. On 30th day, Rishi Vishwamitra reminds Raja Harischandra that he should give him wealth by evening. Raja Harischandra says he will somehow gather his wealth, else he will sacrifice his life. Taramati says she will rather sell herself than seeing him death. Raja Harischandra requests not to, but she announces that she is ready to become someone’s slave for life if he pays her appropriate wealth. A man buys her for half of her weight worth jewelry and gold and asks to take her son along. Raja Harischandra then goes to samshan ghat/burial ground and requests its owner to make him his slave in exchange of clearing his debt. Owner says he has to take care of burning dead bodies and shouldn’t burn any dead body without collecting fees. Raja Harischandra agrees and clears his debt to Rishi Vishwamitra. Rishi says his problems are not yet solve, he foreseen a big problem awaiting him.

Krishna continues that Raja Harischandra loses his son whom he got after a lot of prayers. While collecting wood in jungle, Raja Harischandra’s son dies after a snake bite. Taramati takes him to burial ground where Raja Harischandra is shocked to see his son dead, but informs that he cannot burn son’s body without taking fees. Taramati offers her mangalsutra and says a married woman removes her mangalsutra only after her death, she is as good as dead from today. Raja Harischandra says even he is dead from today. Rishi Vishwamitra enters and says he was testing Raja Harischandra who cleared all his tests and is a patriot of truth. He relives son and returning Raja Harischandra’s kingdom and wealth gives him boon that he will enjoy a long afterlife in heaven and will remembered for his truth and charity forever. Krishna ends story and suggests Arjun to perform his duty like Raja Harischandra without bothering about end results.


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