RadhaKrishn 9th May 2022 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 9th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 9th May 2022 Srinivas asks Bhargavi to follow his dance moves. Bhargavi says she hasn’t danced in her life. He asks her to feel the music by her heart and just follow him carefully. She follows his steps and dances well with him.

Friends clap for them. Srinivas says she is smelling really good. She says she applied attar/perfume. He asks why did she apply attar suddenly today. She angrily asks if she can’t. He says she can and says if she practices like this daily,

she will be a skilled dancer soon. Once he leaves, a friend praises Bhargavi’s dance. Another friend says she cannot compete with the best dancer Padmavati, so she should just concentrate on what Srinivas teaches her.

Bhargavi returns to Srinivas and asks if Padmavathi is the best dancer. Srinivas says yes as she is practicing since childhood, recalling her dance. She asks if he can teach her to become the best dancer. He says with practice and hard work, she can. He explains the compatibility and trust between a teacher and a student.

She thanks him for his explanation and says she really wants to learn dancing like Padmavathi as she fees she is highly talented and most beautiful; she will present her dance which he teaches her in front of Padmavathi when she meets her as a mark of her respect. He agrees. She helps him serve food.

Govindraj returns to Natraj temple feeling happy recalling Srinivas’ happiness and thinks he wants to describe his happiness with someone. He after brainstorming thinks of informing it to Padmavathi, so he wants to Padmavathi and says he wants to tell her something important about Srinivas. she asks him to go ahead.

Srinivas reaches there and noticing that takes Govindraj aside and reminds his promise not to reveal about his love for Bhargavi to anyone. Padmvathi calls Govindraj and asks what he wants to discuss about Srinivas. Glvindraj manages the situation and leaves.

Padmavathi smiles at Sriniva and says even she is very happy today. He serves his prepared dishes to her. She feels emotional and delighted having the dishes thinking she will never forget the tasty of this food which he prepared.

On the other side, Vasudev thinks Srinivas is still working for Bhrigu, he needs to kick Srinivas out of Venkatgiri before he poses a trouble to him. He gets more angry noticing Padmavathi and Srinivas together again and plans something big to get him out of Padmavathi and Bhargavi’s lives forever.


RadhaKrishn 10th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhargavi gifts a flower bangle for Bhargavi and she gifts a chain and pendant for him.


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