Rajjo 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Rajjo 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Rajjo 12th September 2022  Episode starts with everyone dancing. Kalindi cuts the cake. Chirag and Kalindi feed the cake to each other. They go. Sia looks at the cake. Swara feeds the cake to Sia. Kalindi feeds the cake to everyone.

Rocky feeds the cake to Kalindi. They smile. They all dance on Ladki beautiful…. Arjun signs Rajjo to see the cake and smiles. Pushkar sees them. Arjun takes a pastry for Rajjo. He asks her to eat it, its tasty. She says its really tasty, I have seen this for the first time.

He asks when is your birthday. Rajjo says on the day of Dussehra, mum said that I also got a bow and arrow to kill the Raavan.

He applies the cake cream on her face. He says we celebrate it this way. He says no, stop, my clothes will get spoiled. She says I will smear it on your face. He holds her hands. He asks how will you apply it now. She says I will take revenge. She applies the cream to his cheek from her cheek. Tujhse juda…plays… He looks at her.

She asks will you do this again. He gets a call. She says its burning my eyes. He cleans his face. He says I will go downstairs, you go to washroom and wash your face. He goes. Pushkar looks upstairs.

Kavita sees Madhu’s gift to Kalindi and says its good, but small. Madhu says its not American diamonds, but real solitaires. Arjun comes downstairs. Chirag and Kalindi taunt each other. She says I like this bag. Madhu says Rocky got it, he is my sister’s son, he has class. Rocky gives a flying kiss to Kalindi.

Pankhudi says we will play a game. Kavita also likes the bag. Kalindi thanks Rocky. Madhu says Kavita is innocent, she gets happy seeing branded things. She taunts Kavita for getting rich after marrying Pushkar. Swara asks Mukund to come and play Antakshari. He asks her to play with Sia.

Pushkar says I will go washroom and come. Arjun says go, I will decide the team. He takes Sia in arms. Pushkar goes upstairs. Rajjo says my eyes are so hurt. Pushkar comes to her. He catches her and faints her down. He puts her in a bag and throws the bag out of the house. He comes downstairs.

He says so sorry, we have to leave early, we will meet again. Kavita says we will come. Pushkar says you and Bunty can come later. Pushkar goes out and takes the bag. He goes to the city outskirts.

He throws the bag down the bridge. His imagination ends. Rajjo thinks to wash her eyes. He thinks she can’t see me before I attack her. Rajjo goes out while looking for a washroom. She slips and falls down the balcony. She shouts to Arjun. Arjun sees her and shouts Rajjo. He holds her in arms. Everyone is shocked.

Pushkar gets angry. Arjun asks are you okay, stop crying, you are okay. Madhu shouts Arjun. Arjun and Rajjo’s bracelet/watch and Mauli get tangled. Madhu taunts them. Kalindi thinks I knew it. Madhu goes to Arjun and Rajjo. She asks what’s all this Arjun, who is she. She gets a candle and burns the Mauli.

She asks him to say who is Rajjo. Urvashi says answer it Arjun, I also want to know, who is she. Pratap asks Arjun to answer. Pushkar thinks this girl has come to create a havoc. Arjun says her name is Rajjo, I got her in Neeltal,

she has come from there. Urvashi asks what is she doing here. Madhu says my questions aren’t over yet. Arjun tells everything. Urvashi asks is she with you since engagement day. Madhu says she was staying in your room, you hid this from us. Jhilmil says it means the neighbor was right about some girl going into his balcony, it was her hair strand. Pankhudi says so you locked the room.

Madhu says so you took the food to your room, this was a lie. Kalindi says you fooled us. Chirag says he would have solid reason. Mukund says its strange. Kartik says I didn’t expect this from Arjun. Arjun says I m sorry Maa. He hugs Madhu. She pushes him away and gets angry. Madhu says your heart is good, so you became an angel for everyone, but this is wrong, keeping a young girl in your room and cheating everyone. Rajjo cries.


Rajjo 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Madhu says Pushkar has no right to take the decisions of Arjun’s life. She scolds Rajjo. She says Rajjo will go out of this house right away.


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