Rajjo 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Rajjo 13th September 2022 Episode starts with Madhu scolding Arjun. He says I m the culprit, trust me, I couldn’t tell anyone, I felt I will explain this to you later, I had hid Rajjo in my room until I found her mum, I had no wrong intention.

Madhu says if fate is bad, then nothing helps, you will get punished, your character will be ruined. Urvashi says yes, how did you do this, you got engaged to me, and kept another girl in your room, if you expect such understanding with me, then I m sorry. He says you know me, I hate cheat, I m wrong to hide Rajjo in the room, forgive me.

Rajjo thinks forgive me, you were just helping me, I fell down and made you fall in everyone’s sight. He says I m sorry. Pratap says you broke our trust, you should have told this to someone in the house. Pushkar comes and says he had told me. Rajjo thinks Pushkar should save Arjun. Kalindi asks did you really know. Pushkar says yes.

Dada ji says even I knew about this girl. Everyone is shocked. Pushkar thinks my plan failed, but its fine, I won’t leave the game. Pratap asks what are you saying, are you lying to us. Dada ji says yes, I saw her and asked Arjun, he told me. Pushkar says yes, I also asked him, its not his mistake.

Madhu scolds him. She asks Dada ji why did he cover up Arjun’s lie, she won’t tolerate this. She scolds him as well. She asks how did you permit Rajjo to stay with my Arjun. Rajjo cries. Madhu says we don’t know her family, we don’t know if she knows her dad, or he is also missing like her mum.

She insults Rajjo. Arjun asks her to watch her language, she wasn’t such. She says you were also not such, just look at yourself. Madhu says I respect you Pushkar, you ashamed me by keeping me in darkness, you are great, you believe in equality, that’s why you chose Kavita when she was from a poor background, you have all the right to decide for Bunty, but not Arjun, just I have that right, I m Arjun’s mum.

She scolds Rajjo a lot. Arjun says Rajjo isn’t a wrong girl. She says she should have asked for help, how dare she stay in same room and eat in same plate, she should have asked you to find her mum, she should have slept outside anywhere, I would have not objected, she would have stayed here as we have pets, we would have fed her. Arjun says please I beg you, don’t do this. Madhu scolds him.

She says you can change Dada ji and Pushkar’s heart, but not my intentions, I won’t tolerate this girl here. Pushkar apologizes and asks for a chance to rectify his mistake. He says I will leave this girl at any hostel. Dada ji asks Madhu to shout on him and insult Rajjo, but they have to make the girl unite with her mum.

Madhu says its not necessary that she finds her mum soon, it may take years also. Kalindi says yes. Urvashi says don’t know how much time she will need, will she stay in Arjun’s room. Arjun says no. She says I need some time. He says we can find Rajjo’s mum soon, I have found out, her mum is in this city.

Rajjo says don’t get on your son because of me, its not his mistake, its my mistake, I m sorry, he is like Ram, he stays in his limits, he didn’t break any limit staying with me, my mum was lost, he also loves his mum, so he understood my pain and came to support me, I have made a mistake, don’t make Arjun cry.

Madhu says I know him better than you, I never doubted him, but your intentions, I won’t tolerate you here. She asks Rajjo to get out. Arjun says its 3am, where will she go. Madhu says you find a place for her, then you won’t care for her, make her out right away. Madhu asks Bharat to go along. She says Arjun, you have to drop her and come back to Urvashi, don’t be Rajjo’s support, she has to walk alone now. Rajjo goes.

She asks Bharat not to lose the path, get Arjun back home. Arjun and Rajjo come to a women hostel. He apologizes. She says its okay, I don’t want to hear anything now. A lady sees them and calls Pushkar.

She says Rajjo has come here with a guy. He says you know who I m, if you do my work, then you will get double donation and also a special gift. She asks him to command. The reception is lady says we give rooms for entire yes. Arjun and Rajjo ask her to find a room for temporary basis. Pushkar instructs the lady. Rajjo doesn’t get any room. She says I will sleep in the hall.

Warden says I will allow a room to this innocent girl, she is a guest in our city, I will give him a special woman. Arjun asks how do you know. She says she looks different, its all about money, I will make arrangements. Rajjo asks Arjun to go, she will stay alone, she trusts the warden. Arjun says fine, I will make full payment and leave her here, but I will not forget her, I will keep coming, I m like her family.


Rajjo 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :The lady asks the goon to do the work tonight. Arjun and Urvashi are in the Jagrata. Rajjo runs to meet Arjun. Goons come there and catch her. Arjun is with his family.


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