Rajjo 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Rajjo 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Rajjo 14th September 2022 Episode starts with Arjun warning the warden. Rajjo asks him not to worry, much wrong has happened with her already. He says no, I wont let anything wrong happen with you, whatever mum told… She says I felt really bad, I can’t forget what she told about my mum and dad.

He says so sorry, I know she would also regret her words. She asks really, go and hug your mum, don’t hurt her heart, you did a lot for me, I will pay your favors back. He says we have to work hard to find your mum, stay well, have food, don’t jump again,

if there is any danger, call me, don’t run away, wait for me, take care. She nods and says you also take care, take medicines on time, I heard you take medicines every day. He says if you feel any danger, then run away, don’t wait for me, run like its your life’s first and last run, anyways it won’t be needed,

I will be there for you. She says yes, you are with me. He says always. She asks always. He says yes, always, take care. She says you also take care. He leaves. She recalls their moments. Warden sends Rajjo’s pic and audio message. She says I will send this girl out of the city. Pushkar checks the message.

He says I will send this girl and also her mum. He doesn’t see Mannu. Madhu sees Arjun and thinks of that girl Rajjo. Rajjo gets tea. She imagines Arjun. Arjun imagines Rajjo. Hasta rehta hoon…plays… Madhu says your habits got spoiled, you always liked cleanliness, look at yourself, this new change is bad. He thinks what would be Rajjo doing there, she has to take care.

Kartik and Pratap have a talk. Rocky and Kalindi hold hands. Arjun thinks don’t know Rajjo got something to eat or not, maybe she got the food, why am I so worried, I will call and ask. He goes to call. Madhu stops Arjun and takes him back to the dining table. Kalindi says I thought to go out with friends for my peace of mind. Chirag taunts her. Madhu says come back on time, I have kept Mata ka jagrata.

Kalindi says sure. Madhu taunts about Rajjo. Mukund says I don’t know any pandit. Swara says I have the pandit’s number. Jhilmil says I will make Mata ki chunri shine. Madhu says Arjun and Urvashi will do the aarti first, there should be no hurdle in their marriage. Jhilmil says Mukund is busy,

he should come back soon. Kalindi taunts Chirag. Arjun says I will also come back soon. Madhu says you won’t go anywhere, you will stay here, I won’t let you go to that girl and help her, do the work from home, don’t talk to me. Arjun worries. Mannu doesn’t see Pushkar. Kavita says I remember my promise,

I called many people to find your daughter, I m not lying, I also have a daughter, I know your pain, Rama. Mannu thanks her. Kavita asks her to come along. Mannu says I will pray at the Jagrata. Warden and the goon see Rajjo. She asks him to send Rajjo away. Rajjo is alone.


Rajjo 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Arjun says Rajjo is my responsibility. Madhu says you won’t go there. Rajjo runs to talk to Arjun. Arjun says you are wrong today, Maa. Arjun sees the family busy and leaves. Rajjo gets caught by the goons.


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