Rajjo 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Rajjo 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Rajjo 16th September 2022 Episode starts with Arjun coming to the hostel. He beats the guard. He recalls hearing Rajjo’s scream on the phone and running out of the house. Arjun looks for Rajjo. He enters Rajjo’s room. He doesn’t see her. He sees Mannu’s pic made by Rajjo. He leaves. Warden asks the goon to just hurry up.

Arjun asks where are you. warden says get her organ and then we have to throw her out of the city, Pushkar asked us to get rid of her, he doesn’t know what we are doing. She asks him to hurry up. Arjun shouts Rajjo and comes there. He beats the goon. He sees Rajjo. Mannu doesn’t see Pushkar.

Chirag sees Kalindi. Madhu thinks where is Arjun. She shouts Arjun. Arjun gets angry. Warden says I didn’t do anything, don’t beat me. Arjun says I don’t raise hand on women, you aren’t a human. He hits a box at her.

She falls. He fights the man. Madhu asks everyone to look for Arjun. Urvashi says he promised he won’t go anywhere, did he start breaking promise. Pankhudi says he is nowhere. Madhu says this isn’t a good shagun that he left.

Kalindi asks Urvashi to handle her would be groom and relation, else she will never get him. Madhu says he left the phone at home, he went to that girl. She coughs. Kartik asks someone to get water. Mannu gets the water. Kavita says she is my new househelp. Mannu says if your son left the puja, then his work won’t be lessen than any puja for him, sorry to say a lot. She goes.

Arjun beats the man and says you steal organs, everyone is imp, Rajjo is finding her mum, her mum is waiting for her, will you do anything for money, where is your soul. He feels hurt in his waist. He sees the cut on Rajjo’s waist. He says what did I do, when I felt something wrong is going to happen, why didn’t I listen to my heart. Pratap asks where did Arjun go. Madhu says he went after that girl Rajjo.

Mannu hears this and cries. Urvashi says I made a mistake to not tell him anything. Pushkar thinks no, Arjun can’t reach there. Mannu wishes that she finds Rajjo. Chirag does the aarti alone. Everyone stands to pray. Chirag prays for Arjun, who always does the right thing. Mannu thinks who shall I ask about my Rajjo. Arjun keeps a kerchief on Rajjo’s cut. He lifts her and takes her in arms.

The hostel girls give him Rajjo’s bag and dupatta. Kavita asks Mannu to get the items from the storeroom. Mannu says I have to ask you something. Kavita says I know you want to ask about your daughter, just let the puja happen first. Arjun brings Rajjo home. He shouts to Chirag. He asks Chirag to call the doctor fast.

Pushkar and everyone get shocked. Madhu asks how did you get her here. Urvashi says you didn’t ask me. Arjun says call the doctor fast, much blood loss happened, I don’t have time to say. Rajjo’s dupatta falls. Mannu sees it and cries. Urvashi asks Arjun can’t you hear. Arjun asks Chirag when is the doctor coming. Chirag says he is on the way. Swara says I will get haldi lep. Mukund stops her.

Jhilmil says he isn’t listening to Madhu. Kartik says yes. Kalindi says they have some past birth connection, we will go and see. Chirag says no need, doctor is coming to see her, Arjun will manage. Mannu cries holding the dupatta.

Dada ji says Arjun will call us if he needs help. Pratap asks Madhu to come. Madhu gets angry. He says that girl’s state is bad. Urvashi asks what about me, how can you take this so casually, he is taking a stranger to his room, you all are fine with it. Mannu sees Arjun taking Rajjo.

Madhu taunts Chirag and asks him not to give his opinion in this. He asks why not, you always ask me to do something, I m doing that. Madhu says you are doing it in Arjun’s life, not yours. Pushkar thinks to not spare that warden. Madhu says Arjun has done mad. Pushkar sees Arjun and Rajjo.

Mannu and Pushkar rush upstairs. She collides with him. They get shocked seeing each other. He looks at everyone. Kalindi taunts Urvashi. Swara says Urvashi, Arjun loves you, don’t doubt him. Urvashi says this is too much for me, I have to think about this marriage again. Madhu asks why, I chose you as my bahu,

your family is equal to mine, you are rich, educated, beautiful and class, Arjun knows you well and agreed, I didn’t have to force him, just you will become my bahu, Arjun’s wife. Pushkar takes Mannu side. Arjun puts Rajjo on the bed and sees her bleeding wound. He says sorry Rajjo and worries.


Rajjo 17th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Arjun says we found your mum. Rajjo runs after the car and shouts Maai. Rajjo and Mannu hug. Rajjo asks Pushkar to get a job for Mannu and her. Mannu says Rajjo has to go to village, its her marriage with Vicky. Vicky smiles.


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