Rajjo 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update


Rajjo 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Rajjo 1st September 2022 Episode starts with Madhu giving prasad to Jhilmil. She sees Kalindi on phone and taunts her. She says Swara wakes up early in the morning, she is young, she handles others’ child with love.

Jhilmil thinks Madhu will do Mahabharat today. Madhu asks Arjun to come downstairs. Kalindi says I was coming to give your son’s breaking news, Arjun just left, he went after a garbage truck, we will go outside and see. Madhu goes.

Arjun says I m so sorry, I didn’t know its your mum’s chunri. Rajjo says I know, you love your mum a lot. Arjun sees Madhu. Kalindi says children do what they want. He lifts Rajjo and hides. Madhu, Kalindi and Jhilmil turn.

They don’t see Arjun and Rajjo. Madhu says there is no one here. Rajjo says it was neat garbage. Arjun argues. He says my mum is there. Rajjo covers her face. He shows Madhu.

Madhu asks why did Arjun go. Jhilmil says he might have gone to meet Urvashi. Madhu says she is staying in our outhouse. Kalindi says maybe they have gone out. Madhu worries for Arjun. Arjun says I hid you, else they will make news. Rajjo pulls a flower. The flowers shower on them. Tujhse juda….plays…

He asks what’s this. She says you were getting bad smell from the garbage, so I made the flowers shower. Madhu goes to call Arjun. Rajjo says I will go away, don’t know why I was at your house, I will go and find Maai. Arjun asks can you go alone. She thinks I can’t become a burden on you.

He asks do you know where to go. She says no, I will ask someone and reach there. He asks do you have money. She says yes, my potli is upstairs, you keep it, I will come to take it when I find Maai, thanks, you did a lot for me, I will pray for you every day. She goes. Arjun goes home. Rajjo says Arjun won’t be with me now.

Rajjo asks some people about the flood victims. She doesn’t get help. Arjun comes. He says we will go and find your mum, come. They leave in the car. He asks her to tie the belt. She asks why shall I tie your belt, you are wearing pants, if you don’t know this, then you wear the pyjama. He says I m asking you to tie the car seat belt. She tries. She says its done, come, make me reach my mum now. They leave.

Swara asks Sia to have good. Mukund asks her to stop loving Sia. Kalindi says its too much, Arjun didn’t have food and medicines, I m scared that he faints down. Madhu scolds her. Swara takes Sia to change her clothes. Chacha ji comes home. Madhu asks about Arjun. He says I have seen Arjun going.

She asks what is he doing. He says I know what he is doing, he is trying to make a new fertilizer from daily household garbage. Madhu calls him. Arjun’s sister says he left his phone at home. Arjun asks Rajjo not to worry, they all came to find their family members. Rajjo runs and gets between the crowd.

She says they aren’t letting me go. Arjun gets her to the counter. Rajjo asks about her Maai, Manorama. The man says its lunch time, we won’t listen until one hour. Rajjo asks everyone to come down.

She requests the man to tell about her Maai. The man asks am I your mum’s servant. She begs him. The man refuses to give any details. Arjun gets angry. Mannu looks for Rajjo. The man asks Rajjo to leave. Arjun gets angry and hits the table.


Rajjo 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Arjun asks Rajjo to hide in the car. Chacha ji thinks who is in the car. He goes to see. Rajjo hides inside Arjun’s room again. Arjun shuts the door to stop Madhu.


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