Rajjo 22nd August 2022 Written Episode Update


Rajjo 22nd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Rajjo 22nd August 2022  Episode starts with Rajjo running and cleaning the mess. She sees her mum rowing the boat and speeds up to sit and pray. Her mum reaches the shore and calls her out. Rajjo goes and pulls the ropes of the boat to tie it to the wood rod. She jokes and teases her mum. Her mum laughs.

She says it’s a big day for our village, there will be a big puja today for Mahadev, we will complete the fasts and pray, there is a function in the village. Rajjo says I just want your beating. Her mum asks do you want to beating now.

Rajjo asks what did you get to eat. Her mum gives her an apple, and says have it, its from the puja. Her mum keeps the fish basket on Rajjo’s head and asks her to go straight. Rajjo says I remember everything what to do. Her mum asks her not to run. Rajjo says I will do what I want. She runs taking the fish basket tied to her waste.

Some ladies see her and talk. The lady says Manno doesn’t know that her daughter is running again. The guy Arjun is seen having fun in the mountains. He meets his friends. He says one has to be disciplined, I like it this way, I don’t like any interference in my life, so I run ahead of time. The guy says we will go for boating.

Arjun says we will go to the village fair, family runs first, this royal family is my runaway, it will take me to Delhi and then America, just you both and Urvashi knows it, no one in my family, not even my mum knows it. He leaves. A storm is seen coming.

Rajjo talks to the guard. She says I got the fishes on time, don’t tell mum hat I came running. The guard gives her the dumroo and sell it in the fair. Rajjo says I will decorate this and sell it. The guard lady says sell it for 40rs, give me 30rs and you keep 10rs. Rajjo asks how many money will I get. The lady says 100rs.

Rajjo says I will buy shoes for mum. She goes. The officials seeing the stormy tides that can ruin the village. Rajjo sells the dumroo. A girl asks her to come for aarti. Rajjo says I will come soon.

Rajjo gives a dumroo to a boy for free. She reaches the temple for the aarti. She sees a lady removing the shoes. She recalls Mannu/Manorama’s hurt feet. She says mum says that no one gets everything, but everyone gets something, I want such shoes for mum. She prays to Mahadev.

Arjun comes there and talks to the sarpanch. He gets his mum’s call and talks to her. He says everything is fine, don’t worry, I will talk later. Sarpanch says you are my Annadaata, my fields are having a harvest because of your fertilizers.

Arjun goes with the villagers. He sees the cow dung. He says I think we should go from that way, there is cow dung here. The man says you do this work only, come. They men laugh. Arjun says I will not go from this way, I will go from the long way.

Rajjo dances with the girls on Har har Shiva… The dumroo flies off her hair and hits Arjun’s head. Arjun holds her head. Sarpanch asks who has hit him. Rajjo hides there. Arjun and the men scold the person for throwing the dumroo.

Rajjo says I didn’t hit him intentionally. She sits in some cupboard to leave from there. Arjun goes to check the cupboard. Rajjo pushes his hand. His phone falls. She gets down the cupboard. Arjun and Rajjo see each other. Tujhse juda…plays…

He holds her hand and says you are the dumroo girl, what else do you want to break. He sees his broken phone. He asks what did you do. She runs away. He says you will know how this deed will be proved costly for you. The man tells about the landslide. The other man asks what will we tell the villagers if we ring the alarm. Mannu says I won’t come in the fair, I will just come to pick Rajjo.

She says I will go to the river and see the boat. Arjun talks to his mum on video call. She worries when he says his phone fell down. He asks her not to worry. She says I feel worried, why did you go there, landslides happen there, you could have sent someone.

He says its my business, so I have to come. She says I should be happy that you work hard, but I worry for you. He says your love has power, I m fine, I will come soon. She asks him to come soon, she is worried. The network gets poor. She asks him to call back. She cries.

She talks to her husband. He asks her not to worry for Arjun so much. She says every mum can leave the kid for some time, but not send the kid away from her sight forever. Rajjo gets tired of running. She sees the running competition banner. She thinks of her mum. Mannu says she would be enjoying in the fair.

She sees her medal and recalls her past. She tells her sports center manager that its his baby. He says its not my baby. He insults her. She says you know I have won a gold medal, I don’t need to do this to progress in my career, you love me right.

He says you are defaming me knowing I m married and I have kids. She says you didn’t tell this before. He scolds her. She says its your baby. He says you will be out of here. He takes her out and says see how I defame you. He pushes her.

She cries and says I went here to get a gold medal and got insulted, your dad Pushkar Choudhary did this, you don’t know anything about my past, I don’t want Rajjo to run ever. Rajjo thinks to win and show, nobody can stop her today.

She begins to run. Mannu says I decided to keep the 16 fasts so that you get your true life partner, I wish you get everything which I never got, I want your relation to be legitimate, I will never let you run. Rajjo prays to Mahadev and runs.


Rajjo 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajjo says I also want to run. Arjun says you can’t run. She says I m a girl, I can run. She pushes him and runs in the race. Arjun looks at her. Mannu beats her and asks her not to run, else she will break their relations. The storm comes. The village gets hit by the flood. Rajjo tries to save her mum in the flood.


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