Rajjo 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Rajjo 23rd August 2022  Episode starts with the tidal storm arising in the river. Arjun tells everyone about the running race, that’s organized to entertain everyone. He says we will start with the girls first, shall we start.

Sarpanch says just four girls came, we will wait for some time, others will also come. Arjun says no. The girls say Rajjo didn’t come, so Jamuna will win today. Arjun says I m punctual, we will start the race on time, no other girl will run in the race.

The officer says we have to inform seniors, water is touching the danger mark. Arjun says when I whistle, you all have to run, are you ready. Rajjo comes and collides with him. He says you. She says I want to run. The girls say but she came late. Arjun says you came late, check the time.

Rajjo says I don’t have a watch to check, its imp for me to run and win the race, I had come here. He says my name is Arjun Thakur, you can’t run away. She says I m a girl, you can check. He asks her to get away. He says you can’t run in the race. She says give me a chance, let me go, your children will be good.

He says I have no kids. She jokes. The girl says Rajjo will convince her and then our Jamuna will lose. He gets Maa’s call. Sarpanch says she runs well, she wins every year, let her run. He girls plan to hurt Rajjo. Arjun says you can’t run. Mannu comes to the fair. Arjun whistles. Rajjo pushes Arjun and runs. Kar har maidaan fateh…plays…

Rajjo looks at Jamuna. The girls fix a thread in the way. Rajjo sees the thread and jumps higher. She runs ahead of Yamuna. Arjun looks on. Rajjo wins the race. Mannu looks on worried and falls down.

Madhu cries. Her husband consoles her. He asks her to forget that accident. He says like we get daughters married and send them away, we have to give freedom to sons also, else they go away themselves. She asks him not to say this. Her Bahu jokes on Madhu’s craze. She suggests that they get Arjun married.

He says yes, so we are not delaying Arjun’s engagement. Kalindi says mum never worries for Chirag when he goes out. Madhu worries for Arjun. Rajjo dances happily. Arjun doesn’t take Madhu’s call. Rajjo says I have won the shoes for my mum. The girls lift Rajjo. She goes on the stage to get the prize.

Rajjo gets the shoes. She hugs it and cries saying Maai. Arjun stands waiting to give her the medal. Mannu shouts Rajjo. Rajjo gets worried and hides the shoes. Mannu angrily goes to her. The ladies say now Rajjo will get beaten up, but she runs really fast, no one can defeat her. Mannu drags Rajjo with her. She beats Rajjo. She says I told you not to run. She sits crying.

Rajjo makes her wear the shoes and gets happy. Mannu hugs her and cries. Rajjo says I know you don’t like my running, but I have run today to get shoes for you. Mannu says forgive me, I have beaten you a lot. Rajjo says I don’t want to know why you stop me from running, but we can’t stop ourselves from life, I want to do something that makes your life better, but I m not educated, I just know to run, let me run,

I have seen the pics of the sports person winning medals, I don’t go out of village to run, I just run in the village competitions. Mannu gets scared imagining Pushkar. She says you want a house, a respected life, I m arranging it, I kept 16 fasts so that you get a good groom, you will get respect and husband’s name, your life will have everything legitimate, its imp than medal, there is nothing in sports. She cries. She says you won’t run in any race.

She gives he 10rs and asks her to buy anything she wants and eat. She says go home, I m going to the river, if you don’t listen to me, then I will break relations with you, then keep finding me, you can’t even see my face.

She goes. Rajjo says nothing comes in 10rs. Arjun talks to someone sent by Pushkar. He says Pushkar is my brother’s Sasur. Pushkar asks Madhu to talk to Arjun. Madhu talks to Arjun on call. Arjun says I will call you after going to guest house. She asks him to just leave for home. He says okay, I will come.

Rajjo takes a gulab jamun to eat. She hears the announcement of the dam gates opening. The people start running. Rajjo says the entire village will sink. She saves a little boy. The man asks Arjun to leave, they have to leave. Rajjo helps the people and sends them away. Arjun also sends the kids and elders to his car. Rajjo sees Arjun sending the kids in the car.


Rajjo 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :The floods ruin the village. Arjun takes care of the people. Madhu sees the news and cries. Mannu asks Rajjo not to leave the trishul and stay there. She gets away from Rajjo.


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