Rajjo 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Rajjo 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Rajjo 24th August 2022 Episode starts with Arjun going to get some files. Rajjo sees some kid. She pulls the table cover. The files fall. Arjun gets angry. Sarpanch asks him to let Rajjo run, and just come with him. She goes to the kid to save him.

The boy says I was just tying this dumroo here. Rajjo helps him. She asks him to jump down. The boy runs away. Madhu thanks Pushkar. Pushkar says I got my daughter married in this house.

Kalindi and Jhilmil meet Pushkar. He jokes. He asks about Arjun’s engagement preparations. Madhu says you have to dance a lot tomorrow. Pushkar says its my daughter’s Sasural, it will happen as you want.

The people go to board the bus and leave the village. Rajjo thinks of Mannu and runs to the river. Mannu is seen on the way. She says I have to save the boat. Kaka says you don’t risk your life. She asks him to go, she will just come. Kaka prays. Manna goes to save her boat. She steps on a glass bottle.

She says Rajjo’s gifted shoes saved me today. Arjun tries to save the people. He sends them to the guest house. The police stops Rajjo from going towards the river. Rajjo says let me go and save my mum. She takes another route. She thinks I can’t listen to mum today, because its about my mum.

Arjun feels unwell and thinks I forgot to take my medicines, I need to find it before I get unwell. Rajjo reaches the shore. She gets hurt by the glass piece. She falls down and cries. She looks for Mannu. She asks Mannu to come and see her wound. Arjun helps the people. Rajjo cries and shouts to find Mannu. She says maybe mum has gone home. She leaves.

The floods cause a destruction at home. Mannu is at home. She says I asked Rajjo to go home, did she go to the riverside to find me. Rajjo runs and says today either this water will win or me. Arjun gets hurt. Rajjo sees the water entering the village. She runs. She comes home and sees Mannu.

Mannu says I was so scared, you don’t get scared, we will leave from here, we have to go to the mountain and stay in ashram. Rajjo cries and says we lost everything. Mannu takes her. Arjun asks for his medicines. The man says medicines got over, you have to call someone for it. Arjun says Rajjo broke my phone, give me your phone. The man says battery is dead, lights are also off.

Madhu sees the news and cries for Arjun. She prays. Kalindi asks her to calm down. Mannu shows the dumroo and says this is Bholenath’s blessing, always keep this with you. They both fall back due to the rushing water. Madhu says I knew something will happen, and see. Everyone consoles her.

Arjun says if anyone goes towards the river, then they will be stuck. Mannu asks Rajjo to hold Shiv ji’s trishul and not leave it, even if she feels her mum is losing her life. Rajjo says no, don’t leave me and go. Mannu says I have to go and get help. Rajjo says no one will come to help us, did anyone come in all these years.

Mannu says Shiv ji will come in any avatar to save you, don’t leave this trishul, I will just come, I won’t go leaving you. She shouts for help. Rajjo cries. A wood log separates them. Mannu leaves her hand and goes. Rajjo holds the trishul.

The night passes. Its morning, Rajjo gets Mannu’s medal. She thinks Mannu was an athlete and won this gold medal. She recalls Mannu’s words and cries. She thinks why did mum stop me from running. She shouts for help.


Rajjo 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Arjun rides a cycle and goes to save Rajjo. Tujhse juda….plays… He swims to reach her. He sees Rajjo sinking. He goes and holds her.


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