Rajjo 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Rajjo 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Rajjo 26th September 2022 Episode starts with Mannu asking Rajjo to come. Rajjo and Arjun get sad, and recall their moments. Sunn mere humsafar…plays… Inspector sees Vicky leaving in the car. He records him.

He sees Arjun leaving. He says I don’t find that guy Vicky right. Kalindi says Madhu always taunts you, she always embarrasses everyone, it’s the limit. Kavita says she is your Saas, she is like your mum. Kalindi says no, she doesn’t even love Chirag, she just loves Arjun, she doesn’t love me. Kavita says but we have to tolerate,

I also get angry when she praises Urvashi and Swara, we can’t change the other person, we can change ourselves, we have to learn to tolerate. Kalindi says I have tried a lot, every relation has a life and then it dies, we should accept this truth. Kavita says don’t say this, you and Chirag should have another child.

Kalindi says don’t think so, there is nothing between us. Kavita says Chirag will think about you. Kalindi asks what do you want me to do, shall I fall in his feet and beg for love, I feel I don’t love him, I can’t do this. Kavita says love can end in the marriage but you have to keep the relation, women have to stay in their limits. Rocky comes.

Kavita says think about it, you want to think about family or yourself. She goes. Vicky gets Rajjo and Mannu to a cottage. Madhu asks Swara to make kheer for Arjun. Arjun comes home. Madhu scolds him. She asks him to keep the mangalsutra, go and marry, go away to the USA. Arjun says its nothing like that.

She asks what do you have in heart for Rajjo. Vicky says this is my second house, I will keep Rajjo here in this city. She asks where do you stay. He says I m here right now, go and see your room. She asks don’t you know your house, this isn’t a room but a washroom, are you fooling us.

He says I m just fooling you like in childhood. He laughs. He says marriage will happen in this house. Mannu says we should keep the marriage soon. Rajjo gets upset. Arjun says it was imp to go. Madhu asks why, I gave her money, shall we give our life, why are you after her.

He says Rajjo met with an accident. She asks are they fine now. He says yes, they went. She says your heart has gone after her. He hugs her and says I have come back completely. He imagines Rajjo.

He says you have done good decorations. Madhu asks will you dance today. He says yes. Pankhudi shows his bleeding arm. Madhu worries. Pankhudi asks are you fine. Rajjo says you did wrong. Mannu says sometimes, the tough decision and right decision are same, you will understand this, trust me, I would never wish bad for you.

Mannu makes Rajjo ready for the function. Rajjo says I was thinking of Arjun, he always saved me, he has become my supporter and shield, he has done many favors on me, my dad never came to ask about us, I thought all the men are cruel, Arjun isn’t like them, he looks good and he is really good. She cries.


Rajjo 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajjo is in her function. Arjun and Rajjo are restless. Arjun’s haldi function goes on. Vicky drinks the alcohol. He shows Rajjo to his friends. The guy says we will sell her in the market.


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