Rajjo 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Rajjo 28th September 2022 Episode starts with Vicky getting his friends home. Arjun is busy in the function. Rocky signs Kalindi and smiles. Madhu is happy seeing Arjun happy. Vicky asks Pushkar to keep the money ready, he will disappear Rajjo and Mannu. Pushkar thinks its good. He asks Vicky to do his work without any delay.

Arjun hears this and asks were you talking to Vicky, is everything fine. Pushkar says I told him that nothing should go wrong, he is my accountant, you met him. Arjun says oh, that Vicky. Pushkar says you are still worried for Rajjo, Chirag and Mukund aren’t keeping their wives happy, you aren’t keep Urvashi happy.

He taunts Arjun. Arjun says sorry and goes. Arjun asks what am I doing with my life. He gets a call. The battery goes off. He puts it on charging. Inspector says Vicky is dangerous, the people around him have to be careful.

Pandit asks for the girl’s father name. Kaka says leave that, just do the rasam. Pandit says ritual will be incomplete, parents’ names are taken to invite the Devta. Rajjo says Manorama Dhaki.

Pandit says I asked for father’s name. Rajjo says yes, my mum is my everything, my mum and dad, all Devtas know this, you don’t worry, just say her name. pandit says ritual doesn’t happen this way. Vicky says I don’t care, I m marrying Rajjo, who understands me, Mannu gave her good values, she will keep me happy, I will also keep her happy.

Rajjo nods. He thinks I have to say this to act sweet. Mannu says Rajjo you will be happy. Vicky says she will go to different houses, see where I send her. Arjun asks when will you do tilak to me, make me feel imp. Urvashi says so sweet. Jhilmil asks Sagar to learn from Arjun, everyone should get married. Kartik jokes.

Madhu says Swara, get the silver plate. Chirag says you are trying hard, don’t do, it’s a bad thing about alcohol and emotions, we can’t hide it, relax, I don’t like tension on your face, I know you want to move on and keep family happy, why are you hurrying, don’t stay in guilt, you make us proud, come, give me a smile now.

Madhu says we have to apply haldi tika to shagun envelops. Pratap says I feel happy seeing them happy, they both are sensible. Madhu says I m there to guide them. He says I have one hope, if you give love to Chirag and space to Arjun, then everything will get fine, let it be, it’s a moment of happiness, apply the tika.

Jhilmil asks pandit to start. Arjun and Urvashi have the rituals done. Rajjo and Vicky also sit for haldi. Constable calls Arjun’s landline. Everyone dances at Arjun’s place. Badhai hove….plays… Mannu hugs Rajjo. Arjun smiles seeing his family happy. Mannu dances happily. Rajjo smiles.

Kalindi and Rocky get aside. She goes to answer the call. Inspector says I want to talk to Arjun, I m inspector Pathak. She asks what do you want to talk to him. He says its not related to your family, but it’s a serious matter, Vicky is a big criminal, Arjun knows him. Kalindi asks what,

Rajjo is going to marry a criminal, hold on. She turns and sees Madhu. Madhu asks are you mad, don’t you know what to say. She sees Arjun happy with Urvashi. She says I heard everything, I don’t wish bad for anyone, I wish Rajjo gets saved from criminals, I won’t let Arjun go to save her, no need to tell this to Arjun. Kalindi says it’s a call from police station, Arjun has to go, he is spotted with Vicky.

Madhu asks will that girl make Arjun go to jail, tell them, we don’t know anything. Pushkar comes and says I will handle the police, go. Madhu and Kalindi go. Arjun says I want to gift something to Urvashi. Everyone claps. Pratap says he has gone on me. Arjun gives the jewellery. Kartik says it’s a small gift.

Arjun says gifts’ price aren’t seen. Urvashi says I liked this evil eye but didn’t tell Arjun. Arjun says I got to know it. Pankhudi says so romantic. Jhilmil says I also want one. Madhu says they should not have any bad sight. Pushkar says Arjun saw an accident and helped the people, he doesn’t know about Vicky or that girl and her mum, don’t drag Arjun in this. Inspector says sure Sir. Vicky gives anklet to Rajjo. His friends stare at her. Arjun makes Urvashi wear the evil eye.

Urvashi says its beautiful. Everyone smiles. Sagar says we will take a family selfie. They take pics. Rajjo sits sad. Mannu looks on. Arjun checks his phone. He says call details are missing. Pushkar says I gave cleared the call details, don’t worry, he won’t go to save Rajjo.


Rajjo 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Arjun and Rajjo’s haldi functions go on. Rajjo gets angry on Vicky’s friends. Vicky acts good to fool her.


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