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Rajjo 29th September 2022  Episode starts with Rajjo imagining Arjun. He throws a glass towards her and talks to her. He asks her not to get angry and just come. Rajjo sees Vicky. He says statue. He laughs. He says you have troubled me a lot in childhood, I will take revenge on you, if you laugh now, then see. Rajjo smiles.

He gets close. She gets away and says don’t do this. He says we are going to get married. She says it didn’t happen yet. He says your mum and my Dada were talking that you have stayed with Arjun in the same room for two weeks, he would have taken some price,

tell me. She asks him to shut up. She scolds him. She goes leaving her phone there. Vicky says I thought to cross limits with her before sending her across the border, she spoiled my mood.

Arjun sees Urvashi at the door. She says we should celebrate today. Rajjo is angry. Mannu asks her to be careful of glass bangles. She says tell me what’s bothering you, I will scold you, but I can’t ignore your upsetness, what happened. Rajjo says when a guy touches a girl… Mannu asks who touched you, tell me.

Rajjo says I just want to know, how should a girl feel. Arjun says I don’t drink. Urvashi says its fruit wine. They drink and dance on Ishq wala love… Mannu says Lord has given us a third eye, we get to know the guy’s intention by his touch, we won’t feel anything bad if his intention is good. Rajjo thinks of Arjun.

Mannu says we should know if we should let it happen or stop it, we won’t like the guy around if he is bad. Rajjo recalls Vicky. Mannu says just this is the difference, we can see the truth in the guy’s eyes, tell me, why did you ask this, is there anyone who has touched your heart, tell me. Rajjo thinks of Arjun.

She hugs Mannu and says I feel safe with you, don’t fight with me. They cry. Mannu says your heart is tensed, so you are thinking all this, Vicky is from a good family, he knows us, he will keep you happy, you have to trust him, you will love him. Urvashi says I love you a lot. Arjun says me too. She says I will go now, I have to look fresh in haldi. He says I will wait. She leaves.

Arjun goes to Chirag. Chirag plays guitar. He says a person should carry burden on his head, shoulder and back, but not on heart, tell me what is it. Arjun says I don’t want to talk. Chirag says you have to ask me something, why are you worried. Arjun says I m not worried for Rajjo.

Chirag says just talk to her, maybe she is also enjoying her function. Vicky answers the call. He asks do you want to talk to Rajjo. Arjun says I wanted to ask if they reached safe. Vicky asks what about me, I m not jealous of you. Chirag says make us talk to Rajjo, I m Arjun’s elder brother. Vicky says everyone is dancing,

just now tilak has happened, try to understand, I have danced with my childhood sweetheart, I have no courage to go and call her, she won’t leave me, she likes to dance. Mannu says I m making tea, go and call Vicky, he is sitting outside. Rajjo comes. Vicky disconnects the call.

She asks him to come and have tea. He says sorry, I was jealous knowing you were with Arjun in the same room. She says forget it, come. He puts the phone in airplane mode. He says now Rajjo won’t get his calls. Chirag says Vicky is selfish. Vicky says I want money from Pushkar after sending Rajjo across the border.


Rajjo 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajjo and Arjun meet in the park. He says we are getting married on the same day. She thanks him and they become friends. They hug. Arjun is marrying Urvashi. Rajjo comes and stops his marriage. She says you are my husband. Arjun and his family are shocked.

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Telecast Date:29th September 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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