Rajjo 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Rajjo 2nd September 2022  Episode starts with Arjun scolding the man. He asks him to look at the people, they are tolerating him. He asks him to do his work. He asks Rajjo to check the list. Rajjo reads with difficulty.

Arjun asks Rajjo her mum’s name. Arjun checks the list. He says your mum’s name isn’t in the list. She cries. She says I don’t want to live without Maai. He asks her to stop crying. He says the list isn’t complete,

I will find your mum, listen to me. Mannu talks to someone. The man asks her to give her name to get added in the list, if Rajjo comes to find her, then she can know. Mannu thinks I will meet my Rajjo for sure. She doesn’t see Rajjo going in the car. Arjun and Rajjo come home. Arjun asks her to have water.

He says I will go and get my wallet, I can’t keep you in my room. She says fine, I will go. He says I m not asking you to go, I will arrange some place for you, I need money, stay here, don’t worry. She says you look like a prince of the fairy tales.

Tujhse juda kyun….plays… He says I will come. Kartik Chacha ji sees Arjun and says who is he signing, who is in the car. Arjun goes. Kartik says no one can get saved from my sight. Rajjo sees him and worries.

Rajjo leaves. Arjun goes home. Everyone stares at him. Madhu asks Arjun what is he hiding, why did he leave. Kartik doesn’t see anyone in the car. Arjun lies about his watch. Madhu says it means you ran after a watch. Kalindi says I can see flaws in Arjun, he is cleanly lying. Madhu goes after Arjun.

Arjun says go, I will come, why are you coming after me. Rajjo enters his room through the balcony. Arjun sees her and gets worried. He shuts the door. Madhu says he shut the door on my face. Jhilmil says gents do this after marriage when they get romantic. Chirag comes and asks what’s happening.

Kalindi says you don’t care for anything. She taunts him. Madhu asks Arjun to open the door. Arjun says I will get freshen up and come, I have an imp meeting. Rajjo laughs. Madhu goes. Arjun asks how did you come here, answer me.

Rajjo says your bald uncle was here, Chanda Mama. He says he is my Chacha ji, his name is Kartik, you could have hidden anywhere, why did you come here. She says yes, I m foolish. He says you at least got to know yourself. She says fine, I will go. He stops her and asks him to keep manners, don’t run away. They argue.

She says I want freedom from this place and your scolding. He asks her to learn, and not stare at him. He says I don’t want this drama, you won’t go from the balcony, understood, come with me. Mukund asks Jhilmil to listen.

He gets angry. She says I told you, one who earns much gets respect, I spoke to Madhu, you have to put efforts also. Arjun sees his family in the living room. He signs Rajjo to come. He goes to have breakfast. Madhu says I will get water. Jhilmi asks Mukund to go and talk to Arjun.

Mukund says he is younger to me. She says he is elder in business duties. Mukund goes to Arjun and says I m thinking to join the business. Arjun says I asked you to join the business, you didn’t give an answer before.

Swara says give him some time, he will think and tell you. Kartik says your car door was open, AC was on, who were you talking to, there is no one in the car. Kalindi asks Arjun what is he hiding. Rajjo is hiding.

Arjun shows something to the family, and distracts them. Everyone asks what is he saying. He signs Rajjo to go. Rajjo runs outside. A flower vase falls. Dada ji holds the vase and sees her. Arjun gets shocked seeing Rajjo with Dada ji. Dada ji looks at him.


Rajjo 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajjo asks will we get good news about mum. Arjun says lets see. Mannu leaves from there. Pushkar and his wife come there. Mannu and Rajjo miss to see each other.


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