Rajjo 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update


Rajjo 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Rajjo 31st August 2022 Episode starts with Rajjo saying water isn’t coming. Arjun asks did you open the tap. She says yes, its not coming. He asks her to rotate the tap handles right. He gets confused. Shower tap opens. She falls down and shouts.

He asks her not to shout, did she open hot water tap, close the tap. She asks him to come fast and save her. He goes inside and closes the tap. He calls her foolish. He says stay here, I will get clothes for you. She says I will stay in my clothes. He says I can’t get girls clothes for you, you will fall ill in these clothes, stay here.

Madhu is sad. Jhilmil says I heard Chirag and your talks, you should forgive him, he has cried a lot in repentance, I know it was his mistake, Arjun had to give his kidney to save him, he got stuck here, life is such, Chirag is your son.

Madhu says that’s why I cry, Arjun’s life got ruined, Chirag should manage his life, his wife Kalindi… she is your niece, you will feel bad, I told her to handle Sia and family, but she doesn’t care, she gave Sia to Swara. Jhilmil asks her not to worry, Swara will handle Sia, its Chirag’s mistake, he isn’t doing any work. Madhu says I didn’t stop him.

Jhilmil says let Mukund handle the business, even Chirag will get some sense, think about it. Madhu says I will think. Kalindi looks on and thinks you can’t change what’s going on in my life. Arjun asks for his sister’s dress.

She asks why do you want my brand new dress. He says I forgot to give engagement gift to Urvashi. She says this won’t fit her. He says I will show her on video call, there is a tag on it, we can exchange it. He goes. She sees the cup cakes and gets happy.

Arjun goes to Rajjo. He sees her playing with the soap bubbles. He asks what’s all this. She says sorry, I was distracting my mind, I was feeling hungry. He asks her to go and change. She changes and comes. Taqdeerein…plays….

He says there is just this dress, sorry. Rajjo says its okay, it will work. She falls. He holds her. Tujhse juda….plays… She says I m falling and you are holding me. He gets cup cakes for her. He says have this, you would be hungry, sit here. He stops her and asks her to remove the paper. She says I thought, we eat this also.

She cries. He asks what happened. She says nothing. He says I don’t understand what’s in your heart, just speak. Rajjo says I never had food without Maai, I miss her. He says we will find her tomorrow, have food, you may fall sick if you don’t eat, I can’t find her alone, we will go together.

She says the cake is nice like cotton candy. She says its enough. He asks her to sleep now. She lies down. He asks her why is she lying on the floor, sleep on the bed, he will sleep on the couch. She says no, I can sleep anywhere. He says don’t anger me, I m tired, get up, no one sleeps on the floor in our house, sleep there.

She thanks him. She sleeps on the bed. She thinks the blanket is so soft, I wish I could make my Maai sleep on such a bed. Arjun thinks my life is getting upside down. She says don’t know how will I sleep without Maai. She recalls Mannu. Mannu is on the way. She prays for Rajjo.

Rajjo is sleeping. Arjun comes to the room. He sees Rajjo sleeping on the edge on the bed. She slips. He holds her. Ek duje mein…plays… He asks her to wake up, its morning. He gets tea for her. She asks your tea. He says I went for running, I can’t have tea.

She asks why, did Sheru get after you. He says no, I jog/run every day. She asks him to have tea, he won’t feel tired. He thanks her. She says we used to have black pepper tea. She looks for her chunni and asks where did it go.

Arjun says I will get a new chunni for you. She says I want it, did anyone steal it. He says no, it was stinking, so I threw it in the trash, the trash truck will take the trash now. She runs to the balcony and gets down through the pipe. He calls her mad. He runs downstairs and out of the house.

Rajjo runs after the garbage truck. Madhu blesses Swara. Arjun sees the garbage truck and says where did Rajjo go. Rajjo comes out of the garbage truck with the chunni. Rajjo cries happy. Arjun says what the hell.. She jumps down the truck and says I got my chunni. The man says she is a sample. The truck goes.

Rajjo says I got the chunni, it was under the garbage. He asks did you get mad, what do you want to do, if you died, then.. would this chunni save you, I told you, I will get a chunni for you. She says its my mum’s chunni, its precious, its my mum’s sign, I won’t make it away from me until my mum comes to me. Mannu reaches the same lane. She doesn’t see Rajjo and Arjun.


Rajjo 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Arjun sees his family members and hides Rajjo. He asks Madhu to go. He sees Rajjo in his room. He shuts the door. Madhu looks on.


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