Rajjo 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Rajjo 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Rajjo 5th September 2022 Episode starts with Urvashi talking to Arjun about their resort plan. He breaks her bracelet by mistake and says sorry. She asks are you thinking of breaking our relation. He asks what, no. She says its our anniversary tomorrow, and I had planned our date, I don’t want to miss that day, you are neglecting it. She gets upset.

He says so sorry, we will go tomorrow. She hugs him. He says I will get a new bracelet for you. She says okay, I will send the pic, get the same one. He says thanks. She says your smile will take my life, I wish to hold you tight and kiss you, but you won’t allow me to do it, I know. He thinks how to explain Rajjo, I have to find her mum. Madhu prays. Arjun comes. She apologizes for doubting him.

He says I didn’t feel bad, its okay. She feeds the food to him. He says I have a video conference, I will have food in my room. Dada ji calls him out. Madhu says he has a client meeting, so he will have food in his room. He says fine. Chirag takes his good. Kalindi taunts him. He goes.

Kalindi asks Madhu to focus on Arjun. Dada ji says you talk a lot without a reason, Arjun will see if he has a problem or not, don’t worry for him. Arjun gets the food for Rajjo. She likes it and says all this for me. He asks her to have it. She cries and thinks of Mannu’s words. She eats the kheer. He says its hot kheer, how did you have it, you have no sense, I also lost my sense, I m lying to everyone because of you.

She says I didn’t have kheer since three years. He gives her water. He says your mum would be fine, have food. Mannu gets the food plate. She cries and misses Rajjo. Rajjo likes the food. Arjun says what’s wrong with me. He calls the rescue centre and asks about Manorama.

Its morning, Arjun and Rajjo wake up. She sees Arjun going to fall down the cough. She kicks the bean bag. He falls over the bean bag. She laughs. He wakes up. He asks why are you laughing, didn’t you fall down ever.

She says yes, but not this way. He says shut up, I m Arjun, I plan everything, unlike you. She says I have to go to washroom and get ready. He says I will brush first, I don’t talk to anyone without brushing my teeth. He goes. He gets fresh and comes. He asks her to go and freshen up. Rajjo comes. Arjun looks at her.

He asks her to come, he is getting late. He runs out of the house. Neighbor lady sees Rajjo getting down the balcony. She gets shocked. Rajjo goes. Madhu asks where is Arjun. Jhilmil says he didn’t tell us. Dada ji jokes on Madhu. Pratap likes the outing idea. Kalindi says I got busy in kitchen work, I got this plate from Arjun’s room, he wasted much food. She says I m going to meet my friends. Madhu says ask them to take Chirag along, he will also feel good. Kalindi says sure, I will tell them. She leaves.

Mannu is at the rescue centre. The lady asks everyone to get fresh. Mannu says I just came to get my daughter, I don’t want anything else. Arjun and Rajjo are also there. Pushkar is on the way. He says I want all the media at the rescue centre, I m reaching there. Pushkar and his wife come there. Mannu hears Rajjo sneezing and turns to see. She doesn’t see Rajjo. Arjun says bless you.

He checks the list again. The server gets down. The man says its not in our hands. Arjun says come, we couldn’t get any news about your mum even today. Rajjo cries. Arjun says we should never lose hope, always be positive. Mannu and Rajjo don’t see each other. Arjun takes Rajjo to the car. Mannu gets shocked seeing Rajjo. She runs after the car and shouts Rajjo. Rajjo feels something and cries. She turns and doesn’t see Mannu.


Rajjo 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajjo says I won’t trouble you more, you go. Arjun goes. Kalindi says ask Arjun to fix a grill in the balcony, Arjun has locked the room, don’t know what he wants to hide. Madhu breaks the lock. She opens the door. Rajjo is inside the room.


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