Rajjo 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Rajjo 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Rajjo 6th September 2022  Episode starts with Arjun pacifying Rajjo. He asks her to take the money and go to buy some clothes. She says its too much. He asks her to just go. He checks Urvashi’s pic. Rajjo signs him to see the clothes. He doesn’t turn. She whistles. She shows it to him. He says why is she showing it to me,

am I her mum, she can buy anything she likes, this is too much, I don’t want to see there. She gets his attention and says tell me once. He asks seriously. He shows thumbs up. She buys the clothes and comes.

She returns the money. She says I saved 20rs. He asks just one dress. She says yes, wash one and wear another, its enough. He goes to the stall and buys some clothes for her. She asks why are you angry now.

He answers Urvashi’s call on the speaker. Rajjo hears this and laughs. Urvashi talks romantically. She asks why are you not saying this, maybe there is network issue, call me back. She gives him a kiss. Rajjo jokes on him and his nicknames. She asks are you going to jungle with Urvashi.

He says yes. He thinks I should go, why am I with Rajjo, I belong to Urvashi, she is my world. They come home. Arjun packs his bag. He says I m going. Rajjo says I know, you are going to romance with Urvashi in the jungle. He asks what did you say. She says people used to say this, I don’t understand.

He asks her to stay in the room, just listen to songs on headphone, don’t make any noise. He says I will order food. She says its okay, I will stay hungry for day and think I have kept a fast. He says don’t say this, I don’t like it, I have ordered the food, you go to the balcony and take the food parcel. She asks him to go and not worry, come back soon. She says I will wait for you. He says okay, I will lock the room and go. She prays for him. He hears her. Tujhse juda…plays…

He looks at her. He locks the door and goes. Madhu wards off the bad sight. He says I will come back by tomorrow, don’t worry. She thinks what happened, he is going without telling me. She asks is everything fine. He says yes. Rajjo waits in the balcony for the food delivery guy. She leaves a basket. She gets the food parcel.

Madhu sees the basket and thinks did anything pass. She goes to check. She doesn’t see anyone. Jhilmil, Kalindi and Madhu have a talk. Kalindi says ask Arjun to fix a grill in the balcony and lock it, like he locked the room door, don’t know what he wanted to hide.

Madhu goes to Arjun’s room. Arjun is on the way. He gets Urvashi’s message. Madhu breaks the lock and gets shocked seeing Arjun inside. Everyone looks on. He recalls seeing Madhu going upstairs. He climbs the pole and thinks how does Rajjo go this, I m slipping. He enters his room. He hides Rajjo in he cupboard. Madhu says you went for meeting, how did you come here, what’s going on. Kalindi says lies, you never lie. Madhu says tell me.

Jhilmil says yes, you ordered sweets and didn’t ask me to have it, I m so upset. Pratap says your mom makes your fav food, even then you are hiding it, tell me the matter. Rajjo prays for Arjun. Dada ji says its fine if he orders spicy food and eats for a day. Rajjo thanks Bhole baba. Jhilmil says yes, he is right.

Mukund says you worry for Arjun more than me. Pratap says he has more health issues. Dada ji says Arjun wanted to get the food to you, I asked him to go and have it first. Arjun says yes. Kalindi thinks there is some matter. She looks around. Madhu says you could have told me.

Chirag looks on. Madhu says you have to be careful of the diet. They see Chirag there. Madhu says I can’t give you the food you like, I will learn the recipes from the internet and make what you like. Arjun hugs her. Rajjo thinks every mum’s love is same. Mukund asks Arjun to keep the wishes, the entire family loves him, he is the fav son of the family. Kartik says you have eaten it right. They all have the food. Kalindi goes to check the cupboard. Rajjo worries.


Rajjo 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Madhu checks Arjun’s room. She gets a girl’s hair. She gets shocked. She says who is this outsider, who is doing this.


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