Rajjo 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Rajjo 7th September 2022 Episode starts with Dada ji asking everyone to come. Kalindi and everyone leave. Madhu thinks what is Arjun hiding. Arjun sits. Rajjo comes out of the cupboard. She says you are hurting your mum to find my mum, sorry. He says I got a news about your mum. She asks is it good or bad.

He says don’t know, you don’t think much. She hugs the medal. She says I will hug her medal and sleep today. He asks did she get a medal. She says don’t know, I don’t know when she got this. He checks the medal.

He says its gold medal, it’s a big medal, your mum is a former state level athlete, she was the winner, so you run so fast, you went on your mum. Rajjo says yes, I never thought this, thanks for telling this to me, she never told me, she disliked my running, she used to beat me, it was in my blood. He asks didn’t you know this. She says no, I got this medal on the flood night, then I lost her.

He says many times we have our reasons to hide things, you can ask your mum by your rights when you meet her, don’t doubt her. She sings a song. He asks why are you singing. She says music is medicine. He says I need prayers, not medicines, don’t sing. She says I will sleep now, the day should come soon.

Urvashi waits for Arjun and plans romance. Arjun gets the food in a plate. Madhu says I will warm the food. She warms the food and gives him the plate. She asks him to have it. He kisses her and says I love you Maa. He goes. She says you aren’t meeting my eyes, what’s such in your room.

Arjun says I couldn’t get two plates, mum was there in the kitchen, have the food. She eats the food. They share the food. She says eating in the same plate increases love, your anger will get less. He gets angry and asks when do I get angry, foolish girl. She says you get angry. He argues while eating. He gets hiccups. She steps on his feet. He gets up and asks what are you doing.

She says it’s a trick to stop hiccups. He says it stopped, you get away. She says I will make something for Urvashi, you couldn’t go with her because of me. He coughs and recalls Urvashi. He gets hiccups again. He calls Urvashi. He says phone isn’t connecting, stupid phone. Urvashi says he says he is punctual, but he didn’t come till now.

Arjun comes to meet Urvashi. He says so sorry, I m late. She says you got late, did you find a new way to tease me. He goes to her and says sorry, you punish me. She says I will give it, so I have prepared to trouble you all night. He says you look different, really good, actually hot. She smiles.

He asks is this nose pin new. She says much more is new, will you see. They dance on Ankh lad jaave… She imagines this. She gets up and says Arjun didn’t come, this is not done. Rajjo says Maai. Arjun says I will go there tomorrow. She says send message to Urvashi’s mum. He says good idea. He sends a voice note to apologize. He thinks what am I doing, I m lying.

He asks Rajjo to stop his hiccups. She steps on his feet. He looks at her. His hiccups stop. He says I m fine now, we will go to find your mum tomorrow. She gets happy. Madhu says I will check Arjun’s room tomorrow. Its morning, Arjun and Rajjo come to the rescue centre. They ask about Manorama. The man gives the details. Rajjo smiles. Madhu checks Arjun’s room.

Rajjo asks did I hear it right. Arjun says yes, you got your mum. She runs. The medal falls. Arjun holds it. He asks Rajjo to run, she got her mum. Manorama says my daughter would come to find me, how to send the message that I m here. The lady says she will come again. The other lady asks her to go and find Rajjo. Rajjo reaches the room.


Rajjo 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajjo sees Pushkar fainting and saves his life. Arjun asks Pushkar to help him find Rajjo’s mum. Pushkar gets shocked and recalls Manorama. He looks at Rajjo.


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