Rajjo 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Rajjo 8th September 2022 Episode starts with Rajjo not finding Mannu. She cries and asks where are you. Madhu gets a hair strand on the pillow. She checks it. Arjun comes to Rajjo and finds her crying. She signs no to him.

He gives her a kerchief. She wipes her tears. He says everything will get fine, we will find your mum, come. Mannu is outside, trying to find Rajjo. Madhu gets doubtful and says it’s a girl’s hair strand, Urvashi’s hair is brown, she colours her hair, this hair strand is black, it has the smell of Chameli oil, no one from our house uses that oil, who is it.

She sees some smoke coming out of the washroom. She looks inside. She sees someone standing with a candle. She gets shocked. She runs downstairs. She says there is a Chudail in Arjun’s room. Everyone jokes.

Sia asks what’s Chudail. Swara says nothing, come with me. Kalindi says its too much. They all don’t believe her. Madhu says trust me, some ghost has come along with Arjun, he was behaving strange, he was eating food of two persons, whose hair is this. Mukund says I think you should join CBI. Madhu says I m not joking.

Chirag taunts. Madhu asks him not to talk in Arjun’s matter. She says believe me, there is some Chudail, I have seen her. Kartik says fine, I will talk to her and hear her problem. Madhu says ghost is a problem itself, I know what to do to deal with it. Arjun checks his car. He says we can go to Shiv ji temple, its nearby. Rajjo sits praying. He also joins her and prays. She prays to find Mannu.

Arjun comes home. He goes to his room. He signs Rajjo to wait. He sees the smoke. He goes to check. Madhu and Kartik get a baba home and ask him to save Arjun from the Chudail. Baba scares them more. Urvashi is in the bathroom. She pulls Arjun in the bath tub. He falls down.

Rajjo hears the sound and thinks to check. She says no, he will scold me. Arjun asks what are you doing. She says I m igniting fire in the water. He thinks Rajjo is outside, please don’t come inside Rajjo. Rajjo waits outside. He says sorry, I couldn’t come yesterday. Urvashi says so I have come to see what’s so imp for you.

He says nothing. She says I know everything, what’s going on here. She says you are hesitant to come close to me before marriage, so you are making excuses. He says how can I come more close, we are sitting in the bathtub, what more than this. She says don’t be shy now, we got engaged, we will get married in a week,

do something that I don’t fee single. Madhu and family come inside the bathroom with baba. Urvashi and Arjun hear them. They all see Arjun inside. Arjun asks them to just go out, he isn’t a kid. His siblings joke. Madhu says baba, Arjun never did this, I will look for that Chudail, who is making you do all this.

Pratap asks why are you wearing clothes while taking a bath. Kartik jokes. Arjun says there is something called privacy, please go out. They leave. Urvashi comes out of the water. Arjun asks are you okay. She says no, dad’s training worked, he wanted me to become a swimmer, I don’t know swimming but I know to stop breath under water. Pushkar comes there. He says Madhu said there is some issue about Arjun,

I will resolve it and come. He gets coughing by smoke. He takes his asthma pump. It falls down. Pushkar falls short of breath. He tries to get the pump. Rajjo hides from everyone. She sits in the cupboard. Baba says I will find the chudail, I have left the smoke in the entire house, now she can’t come out of this room. Kalindi says we have to make her run away. They all leave. They don’t see Pushkar. Pushkar shouts for help.

Arjun and Urvashi come out of the bathroom. He asks her to go and change. She hugs him. Rajjo sees them and closes eyes. Urvashi asks him to get naughty on their honeymoon. She goes. Rajjo laughs and throws a towel at him. She jokes. Arjun says don’t know whom mum called. She says he is baba, Madhu got him to make the Chudail away.

Baba chants mantras. Urvashi hides. She goes. Baba asks them to see the foot marks of the Chudail. Arjun changes and comes. Rajjo stops him. She asks did Bhole baba send this baba, ask him about my mum, he will tell you. Arjun says think, how can Mahadev send a fraud baba. She says fine, don’t ask. He says give me that medal, I know someone who can help you. He doesn’t see Pushkar fallen on the floor.


Rajjo 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajjo sees Pushkar and helps him. Pushkar asks who was she, she saved me. Arjun says she is Rajjo, her mum is missing, can you help her in finding her mum. Pushkar recalls Mannu.


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