Rajjo 9th November 2022 Written Episode Update


Rajjo 9th November 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Rajjo 9th November 2022 Rajjo practicing in the mud for the race. She cries and blames Arjun for competing against her and says that she needs money for her mother’s treatment. She says that Arjun had already snatched her job from her.

Pushkar asks the doctor to keep asking Rajjo for money so that she finally gives up on her mother’s treatment. Kaka calls Rajjo and says that the doctor is not attending to her mother. Rajjo says that she will soon come there and will take care of it. Coach Sinha meets Rajjo and tells her that he will help her with the race.

He says that her daughter also wanted to be an athlete but she died in a car crash. He promised her to help any deserving athlete that he finds. He says that he will send videos to Rajjo that will help her with the race. He also asks her to buy shoes.

Madhu is concerned to see Chirag drunk again. Kalindi is worried that Chirag has found out about her and Rocky. Rajjo comeback home with vegetables. Arjun takes the bags of vegetables from her and says that he has a piece of good news for her. He says that he knows that she wants money for his mother’s treatment.

He says that he had preponed the race between them and it will happen today. Rajjo says that she has no clue about running a marathon. Arjun says that if she wins this race she can participate in the race and win money. He says that because she has already accused them of being inhuman he thought he might as well be that. Rajjo accepts his challenge.

Rajjo cries and worries about how will she win the race without training for a marathon. She says that she knows that they will make her work more so that she won’t win but she will win the race at any cost for her mother.

Rajjo sits tiered in the house after doing the household chores. Chirag comes and gives her an energy drink. He says that he is not against Arjun but he will support Rajjo. Rahho drinks the energy drink.  Sia brings a jersey for Rajjo which she made from Sagar’s old shirt.


Rajjo 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Arjun loses the race to Rajjo. Rajjo celebrates her win. Arjun faints.


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