Rajjo 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Rajjo 9th September 2022 Episode starts with Arjun asking do you trust me. Rajjo says don’t ask, how much. She passes the medal to him. Arjun goes. He sees the baba. Baba lectures Arjun. Madhu and everyone look on.

Baba asks him to cut the gourd, if its yellow then… Arjun says if its red, then I have a ghost spirit around, right. He cuts the gourd. They all see the red colour. Jhilmil worries. Rajjo hears Pushkar, and says I feel someone is having a difficulty in breathing, shall I go and see, no, it will be a problem for Arjun.

Pushkar kneels and gets the pump. The pump falls away. He gets fainting. Rajjo says nothing is imp than someone’s life. She goes and sees Pushkar. Baba says see, I told you, it will be red, he has a spirit on him. Arjun scolds him. Madhu asks him to calm down. Arjun argues with the baba and calls him fraud. He shows the chemical on the knife. He says its all old trick, there was a chemical on the knife.

Pratap asks Mukund and Sagar to catch the fraud baba. Baba runs away. Rajjo looks outside. She gets his pump. She says Kaki uses this pump for asthma, how to use this. She asks Pushkar to open eyes and take the inhaler. She says I don’t know using it, but you use it, you can breathe. She gives it to his hand. He uses the pump.

Madhu says forgive me, but you gave me a reason to get scared. Kalinda says yes, you know, Madhu doesn’t forget if anyone makes a mistake. Madhu apologizes. Arjun says I know you do everything for my betterment.

Rajjo thinks to call someone for Pushkar’s help. She asks Pushkar not to worry, she will go and get help, he won’t die. She takes a vase and throws it down. Pratap says we got saved. They see the vase and worry. They go upstairs. Arjun thinks there is Rajjo upstairs. Rajjo signs Arjun about Pushkar. They all see Pushkar and attend him. Rajjo prays for Pushkar. She says he would be someone’s father.

Kalinda asks Pushkar to open his eyes. Pushkar gets conscious. Everyone cares for him. Jhilmil asks Mukund to ask Pushkar about his health, Pushkar is his Mama. Mukund asks are you feeling fine. Pushkar nods.

Arjun asks shall we take you to the hospital. Pushkar says no, I got an asthma attack, there was smoke in the entire house, its good that girl came in time and saved me. Madhu asks did Sia come. Swara says no, I sent her to neighbors. Pushkar says she was here. Rajjo prays. Jhilmil asks was she a Chudail.

Pushkar says I couldn’t see her clearly. Arjun says very good, I mean relax, forget it, Sagar just open the windows and make this smoke out. They all go out. Pushkar asks who can that girl be, Arjun. Arjun says I know her. Pushkar asks why didn’t you tell in front of everyone, tell me. Arjun asks can I trust you. Pushkar says blindly, your secret will be safe. Arjun says I m helping a village girl,

she lost her mum, I thought you can help me in finding her mum, her mum is a former athlete. Pushkar gets shocked reading Manorama’s name on the gold medal. He recalls Manorama. Manorama is on the way. Pushkar asks did you get Manorama’s daughter here, did she save my life. Arjun says yes, her name is Rajjo. He goes. Pushkar sees the medal.

Pushkar’s family is on the way. His wife asks Bunty to drive carefully. Arjun gets Rajjo. Pushkar sees her. Arjun shuts the door. Bunty says I m not talking on call, but just messaging. His mom asks him to follow the traffic rules. She thinks he is walking on his dad’s path. He hits Manorama by mistake. Manorama falls over the car. They see Manorama and take her in their car.

Rajjo greets Pushkar. He says I have seen her on your engagement night. Rajjo says yes, I met him. Pushkar says strange, she is here and no one told me about her. Arjun says nobody knows this at home. Pushkar asks what, are you joking, she is under the same roof, and you are saying nobody knows it,

how is this possible, you have hidden this from Madhu also. Arjun says I had no idea how she reached here, I was also shocked, her mum is missing, she is new in this city, I couldn’t leave her alone, it was my engagement that day, I don’t know how mom and Urvashi would have reacted, sorry,

I thought just you can help me, you have contacts, you can find her mum, will you help me, I can trust you, right, will you help us find her mum. Rajjo requests him to find her mum. Arjun asks her to get up. Pushkar says you did good to tell me this secret, I will solve this, I have to do this.


Rajjo 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pushkar stumbles. Rajjo holds his hand. Pushkar gets angry. He asks whose dirty shoes are these. Bunty says it’s the new maid’s shoes. Pushkar jokes on the maid. Manorama thinks I have heard this voice before.


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