Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 16th October 2020 Koyal says Ram pyaree, sirf humary. Ram wakes up, it was a dream. Koyal comes to Chacha. He says I can serve you tea. He sings tu meray sapno ki rani banay gi. Koyal spills his tea. She says I don’t break hearts but teach lessons.

Ram says good morning Dulru. Why are you not singing? Do kookkoo. Patang says she isn’t Koyal. Ram gives Patang 101 rupees and says stay out for a while. Dulari says who will keep Ram busy now?

Ram says Dulru listen, Dulari keeps walking away from him. Ram looks for is phone. Radha comes. She says Prabhu your phone is on charging. Ram says Radha Dulari is silent. Radha says oh God rest is peace. Don’t worry I won’t take her place but I won’t let you feel her absence. Radha sees Dulari and faints. Dulari says Radha.. Ram says I was talking about this silence not death. Call the doctor.

Ram says Dulru.. He tries to call the doctor. Dulari says I don’t like making you upset Ram but I have to do this. Dulari looks at the thread. Dulari says what will I do now. I can’t see Ram like this. Ram reads online that this is a sign of sore throat. He says I will make tea for you don’t worry. You will be fine. Dulari holds Ram’s hand. The song agar tum sath ho plays. Ram gives her tea. Ram says it is a bit bitter.

Radha comes to the street and says Ram is in trouble. Dulari is silent. Please come with us doctor. The girls say it’s okay we will speak on her behalf. Ram gives warm clothes to Dulari. He says I feel so hot. Ram gives her steam. He says I know you’re uncomfortable but I have to do this to take care of your health. Dulari says in heart I have to do this to keep you away from Koyal.

The doctor checks Dulari. He says nothing to worry about. Do you wanna hear her again? Ram says she’s my wife not a traffic horn. The doctor says the voice will come back but I have to first find out the reason. Ram goes out. Dulari takes off the sweaters. Doctor says this has happened due to a shock in the dreams. She got shock, and lost her voice. Another shokc can bring it back.

Scene 2
Ram thinks of ways to shock Dulari. He spills things. Dulari tries to speak but she doesn’t. Ram thinks of showing her a snake. He says no that isn’t possible. Ram says hit me Radha so I lose my breath and Dulari gets her voice back. Bell rings. It’s Koyal in the bridal dress. Ram says you? In a bridal dress? Where is Dulari? Ram says what do you want? She says to fill my hairline. Ram recalls his dream. Dulari comes. She says hello Dulari ji. Koyal says I am here to ask for your sindur. Dulari is shocked.

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