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Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 20th November 2020 Koyal says to Menaka because of you Dulari is back in this house. Whose side are you on? Menaka says I took Dulari lightly. She’s very clever. Koyal says she twisted your game. You said she will run. She came inside the house. And she even agreed to marry my brother.

Ram locks the door and hugs Dulari. Ram says I am so sorry. I don’t have a plan. Dulari says I do. I have a plan already. Dulari tries to tell him. Sushela knocks on th door. Dulari says mummy ji. Sushela says breakfast is ready. Menaka and Koyal come there as well. Menaka says what happened? Sushela says he isn’t opening the door. Koyal says is Dulari also inside? They knock on the door. Dulari says I will go out. You hide in the restroom. Ram hugs her and says don’t go please. Menaka says dulari is inside. Dulari says Ram you hide. I am doing al this for us. Tao ji comes. He shouts open the door. He sneezes. Babu ji says why am I bashing the door? He sneezes again and Tao ji comes. He shotus open the door Ram. Babu ji comes back. Sushela says stop jeth ji. He will break this door and then go from your body. Tao ji shouts. How will I go?Sushela says Ram’s babu ji has weak bones. He says let me show you.

Tao ji runs to break the door. Ram opens the door. Tao ji falls on bed. Dulari says Tao ji are you okay? He sneezes. Babu ji comes back. Dulari says are you okay? He says when did I come here? I said not to open the door. Ram says Tao ji came. Koyal says Dulari what are you doing in Ram’s room?

Babu ji says this is her room. She will be in her room. Dulari says I am still Ram’s wife. Until you’re married to Ram. I am his official wife. And I am in my room. We don’t have a big house. Menaka says but Ram is getting married to Koyal. Koyal says I will sleep in front of Ram’s room. Dulari says Ram in this room, you in the front room. Mummy ji, papa ji can I shift to your room? Koyal says sure. Babu ji says who does that? Sushela says Dulari you will live in Menaka and Koyal’s room. And Menaka and Koyal will live in small room. Menaka says there’s no AC there. Sushela says we took the responsibility of Dulari’s wedding so she will live in this house.

Scene 2
Dulari brings her stuff in and Koyal and Menaka take their stuff to the small room. Dulari smiles. Dulari says thank you for giving me a chance to come back to my own house and you sacrificed your own room. And about Ram.. Koyal says what about Ram? Dulari says leave it. Some other time. Right now I am very tired. I am sleepy. It’s my wedding in seven days. They elave. Dulari locks the door.

Scene 3
Dulari is sitting with Irfan. Irfan says I couldn’t marry once and you have a second marriage. How are you so lucky? Chacha says exactly. Ram says I am asking for solution of my problem. No matter what happens, I won’t marry Koyal at any cost. Dulari is my past present and future. Irfan says when will your tension end? Ram says I don’t know. I have to find out a way. Chacha says Koyal shouldn’t be married or I will cry.

Scene 4
Dulari serves dinner to Sushela and babu ji. Dulari says I know what you eat and all your meds. And mummy ji needs massage in her feet with oil. Sushsle is upset. Dulari says mummy ji eat. Sushsela says beta enough. Dulari says I only have 7 days. So let me serve you. They all get teary. Dulari syas eat please.

Dulari’s phone rings. Babu ji says she’s suhc a nice girl.
Patang calls Dulari. He says I have a big news. She says what? He says recharge my phone first. He says the news I got to know last time was from my friends but this time I saw him with my own eyes. He was perfectly fine. He was eating and walking. He loses network. Dulari says they have created such a big drama with an accident when he’s fine. They can’t blackmail Ram. Koyal planned all this to make Ram hers. I will trap her in her own game. I will save Ram from her.

Dulari comes out and stares at Koyal.

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