Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 20th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 20th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 20th October 2020 Koyal wakes up and sees Dulari and ram. Koyal says dulari ji. Ram screams. Patang is scared. She says what are you all doing in my room at this hour. Go, I want to sleep more.

Koyal says now you have a problem with my asleep as well Ram? Patang says your existance is a problem. Ram says you came to our bed. What were you doing last night? She says I think my disease came back. Koyal says I walk and sleep in the sleep. ram says Dulru is not well. She says this disease comes back after 3 months. I can’t go. Ram says you should go to your place. Koyal says how can I leave Koyal alone?

Scene 2
Ram’s relative comes. Ram says mama, mami, Koyal says uncle aunt. Dulari says she’s now even his relatives. Koyal takes her blessings. She says mamaji elders should forget kids. He says who are you? She says Ram’s.. He says got it. You are Ram’s. Dulari is angry. Patang says she’s making them think she’s Ram’s wife. Dulari is angry.

Mama ji says let’s start with the rituals. Ram tries to tell them she’s not his wife. Dulari says I will do the rituals. Patang says to mami ji this mama ji, why was he telling the ritual to Koyal? Dulari snatches kitchen things from Koyal. Mami ji says Ram your wife can’t cook? Why is this maid cooking? Ram says she’s my wife not maid. Mami says so you have two wives? Patang says no. This is my jiji Ram’s wife and Koyal is useless.

Kiyak says I was going to tell mama ji I am Ram’s neighbour but he said new. Mami says you go from our house. Dulari says I will do anything to keep Ram mine. I will cook such good food they will loce it.

Scene 2
Dulari serves the food. Mama ji gives the naig to Koyal. Mami says she isn’t our SIL. He says she’s the maid. Ram says dulru is my wife not a maid. This is my BIL. Koyal says I didn’t say anything. He says you didn’t clear it. Mami says let it go, our bahu is so nice. Give her blessings. He says I will give blessings when all the tests are done. Koyal says why don’t you ask her to sing? That can be an amazing test. Mama ji says she’s right. She will sing for all of us tonight.

Scene 3
Ram sits with Irfan. He’s worried. Koyal says shetan devta I am insulted for the first time. Tonight, let’s have fun at the songs session. I will ruin Dulari’s day.

Dulari is scared. She says I hope it works out. Ram is fooling someone for the first time. Koyal says let’s start the show. Koyal sings with milay ho tum humko. Patang sings. It’s Dulari’s turn. She’s scared. Mama says Dulari will sing from S.


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