Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 23rd October 2020 Written Episode Update


Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 23rd October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 23rd October 2020 Dulari says you’re looking at the other side. She sees Koyal wearing hot clothes. Dulari says you’re already ready. Why are you here? She says to give this card and flowers and tell the thing in my heart.

Patang walks on the road. A car splashes mud on his face. Dulari says I was silent. You are here to give these roses to my husband in front of me? Koyal says you keep saying things without proof. I came to your house to give you shock. I wore your sindur, wore your saree, slept in your bed just to shock you. I exposed you in antakshari to shock you as well. I gto you this card to say sorry. Ram is shocked. Koyal says sorry, forgive me please. She shows her the card.

Patang comes home. Radha says go out you dirt. She hits him with broom and says theif. Everyone hits him. Ram and Dulari run out. Ram says why are you hitting him? Dulari says who is this beggar. He sounds like Patang. Patang says I am Patang. Dulari says what did he do? Dulari says say sorry to everyone. He says it’s your mistake, you asked me to take this book away. Ram says which book? He’s about to pick, Patang picks it and runs. Ram says which book was he talking about? Dulari says I don’t know. Koyal says they are cooking something.

Dulari massages Patang’s back. Patang says I will burn this book. Dulari recalls Koyal with Ram. She says no. How can I let this happen. That Koyal came to parlour like a model but Ram didn’t even look at her. He’s only mine but I don’t trust that Koyal. She wants to take Ram from me, I won’t let that happen. He says waht will you do? Dulari takes the book and says will do the second tip now.

Dulari opens the book, it says leave desiness, wear western. Husband won’t even go out. Patang says if you break the tip before 4 days you will have to give up on your husband. Dulari looks at her ring. She wear it.

Scene 2
Jalwa plays, Dulari gets ready. She says Ram ji will lose his breath when I do tip 2.

Ram is reading news paper. Irfan gives him tea. He says I have to go now. Ram opens the door and sees Dulari in western outfit. He’s shocked, everyone is shocked. Dulari says Ram Ram Ram ji. Why are you lokoing at me like this? I am your Dulru. Same wife, new attire. Aye baray. Ram recalls Koyal saying that.

Koyal dresses in desi like Dulari used to. She coems in saree with her head covered. Koyal my Ram song. Ram stands in between. He’s shocked. Koyal says world is after me and you want to get rid of me. You liked Dulari’s desiness, Koyal will be desi for you. You can’t ignore Koyal’s desi attire. Dulari says desi is from heart. And Ram is mine. When Ram will have both desi and western in one, he won’t go anyone. Koyal says if Ram liked western he would have been mine. ram is confused. He says Dulari in Koyal’s attire and Koyal in Dulari’s?

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