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Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 27th October 2020 Dulari packs her bags to leave for the holiday. She thinks about the tip and her vow not to brake it. Dulari says I can’t risk Ram’s life. She says I have to go to get rid of this Balwan. Ram comes and says no Dulru. We are not going anywhere. We have done nothing wrong. Dulari says but we have to go. It will be good for us. And that man is dangerous as he’s a police man. He is a goon and he can be dangerous for you. Rani says this will be a small getaway for us as well. Ram says okay if you say so.

At night, Rani and Ram secretly walk out of the house and get in the car. Ram asks driver to go. The driver doesn’t start the car. Ram says what’s wrong? He turns back. It’s Balwan. Ram and Dulari are shocked. Balwan says going to Panchmani? You’re not going now. I will go there on honeymoon with DUlari. He shows his gun and says Dulari is only mine. Dulari says are you crazy? Balwan says only for your love. Ram and Dulari run out of the car and rush home. Ram locks the door.

Scene 2
The next morning, Ram opens the door. A lot of police men come in with fruits and gifts. Ram says what are you doing? This is our house. What is all this? Policeman says this is shagun for our bhabhi from Balwan. Dulari says what is all this? Ram says shagun. Balwan comes in as well. Ram says Dulari is my wife. Balwan shows him gun again. Dulari stands in front of Ram and says Ram is my husband. I will never leave him. You can take your shagun from here. He says wow you’re so brave and modern. That’s what I love about you. Dulari is angry. Balwan says you don’t need to worry about Ram. He won’t live alone. I will get him married to my sister. Ram and Dulari are shocked? Dulari says stop forcing me. I am already married. Ram and I are for each other. Ram says listen Balwan, please understand. Balwan shouts and says I will kill Ram if you don’t marry me. Dulari is scared.

Dulari looks at the book and says it’s increasing my troubles not solving them. Dulari says I will get back to my original desi look. Dulari is about to take off the modern things, she recalls the book said Ram will be in trouble if she does so. Ram his his hand. Dulari runs to him. Ram says I am okay. Don’t worry. Ram says can you please do one thing? Get rid of this modern look and show Balwan your real look. He might not be interested in you after that. He has fallen in love with your modern look. Dulari says no I don’t want to.

Scene 3
Ram comes to Irfan and says Balwan has a sister too. And now he wants me to marry his sister. Koyal comes there and says why don’t you agree then? Marry his sister. It’s the only option you have. Koyal says so your jaan Dulari will be of Balwan. Jaan (life) has to go anyway. Koyal says a wedding is the only option you have. Koyal leaves. Ram gets an idea and says now I will get Dulari married myself. He says I will get my wife married with all the band baja.

Chacha plays band baja. Ram comes and says I came to give you this wedding card. You’re an elder here so I thought I should give it to you before anyone. Chacha sees the card. A guy asks whose wedding? Ram says Dulari’s wedding. Everyone is shoced. Chanda says I also want the card. She reads my wife modern Dulari will be married to Balwan.. Everyone is shocked. Ram says yes. You all please come. He leaves.

Ram gives the card to Rekha. She cries and says Ram ji you gave me shock instead of an invitation. She says I am not getting married here once and you’re finding a new on for your wife. Which husband does this. No on gets me a new husband. Ram says it’s okay Rekha ji. Please come to the wedding. Ram invites everyone. Hema says we will come at the wedding as well and we will come to remove your loneliness as well. He says I will also get married I won’t be alone.

Patang says what? Second marriage looks good on TV only. He says change is inevitable. Patang says what are you saying? Who are you marrying after leaving my sister? Ram says Balwa’s sister. Patang says in heart who is Balwan’s sister? Ram gives cards in the whole neighborhood. Ram gives card to Koyal and says please come on the wedding. Koyal says there’s something wrong. He can’t melt for the wedding so easy. Patang says Dulari I told you this area isn’t good. Instead of becoming uncle I am becoming BIL again. Radha says he must have thought of something. Dulari says Ram can’t do this. Patang says he has invited everyone. HE is very happy. Your new husband, I won’t call him jeja. Dulari is scared and angry.

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