Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 6th October 2020 Ram thinks about Koyal. Dulari says that Koyal took Ram’s name. It’s okay. He’s my husband I don’t mind. Ram says there’s an eclipse in my life. Radha says how did she know his name? Dulari says she’s new. She will meet people as she knows them so she can make people hers. Radha says she will make your husband hers one day. Be careful. Ram says don’t say weird things.

Dulari asks Ram what are you hiding from me? He says what? She says Haseena? Ram says who Haseena? She says I said Paseena (sweat). Ram says I thought you got to know what I was hiding from you. She says did you say anything? Ram says no.

All the men discuss why does she know Ram only? There are two many men here. Koyal comes there. A man stands between Ram and her. She asks are you free? Can you do something for me? Guru ji says yes yes I am free. She looks at Ram and says come in please. The closet is heavy, you can’t pick it up yourself. Dulari is looking out. Koyal looks in their house. She says I will speak to Ram today only. That’s why I came here. Ram looks inside and outside the house.

Hema is dancing. Ram says what are you doing? She says we are dancing on hum apke hain kon. Who’s she to you? He says hearts are related like with you. Rekha says you never bind it with us. She says you bind it with people who’re away. We are all one. She only took the name. Hema says won’t let her take anything else.

Scene 2
A man comes to Koyal. He puts an umbrella on her and says it’s too hot in Bhopal. I can drop you where you’re going. She says it’s your time to drop your soul. He takes Koyal to the parlor. All the men are after her. Ram says what is happening here. Koyal says thank you for getting to my destinations. Go now. My destination is here. She says hair cut. The beautician says take an appointment first. Koyal says Ram ji do I need an appointment? She sits in front of Ram and says hair cut? Ram starts her hair cut. She says you’re covering me like you covered that thing you are hiding. Ram says what are you saying.

Ram is about to cut her hair. Koyal holds her hand and says why are your hands shivering? Did you recall anything from past that you forgot your work? Let me teach you. She makes him sit on the chair and says let me tell you how it’s done. She does his shave. Ram says this is ladies shave. Ram says I shaved in the morning. Dulu helps me. She says Dulu won’t mind if someone else does it once.

The beautician says I have tell Dulari. Rekha also looks in and says I will tell Dulari.

Kanya beautician comes to Rekha and tells that Koyal is doing Ram’s shave. She came for her haircut. Dulari comes. She says I don’t trust her but I trust Ram.

Scene 3
Ram comes home. Dulari gets the dinner ready. Dulari says welcome. Ram sings her a song jisay mein pyar karta hun. She says did you shave? He says you shaved in the morning. Dulari says looks like you shaved again. Dulari gives him halwa. He says you are so nice. Thank you. I love you. Dulari says I know you love this halwa and this love will never end. Tell me, how did you like Koyal? He says who? Dulari says that new girl. He says oh she’s okay. Dulari says she looks nice, she always smiles at me. I am thinking of befriending her.

Bell rings. It’s Koyal. She says Ram ram, Ram ji. I got you halwa. I made it from my hands. Ram is scared. He says if she tells Dulari it would be a huge problem. She says I have never given someone heart with this love the way I am giving you halwa. It won’t increase your sugar. He says BP is high. Koyal says is your silence yes or no? Dulari says you made it with so much love. Why wouldn’t we eat it. You are a guest. Koyal says you’re so nice didi. Dulari says you called me didi? Koyal says is that wrong? Dulari says no didi is a nice thing to day. You’re my.. Ram says BIdu then. Koyal says BIdu? Dulari says in my village younger sister is called Bidu. Ram is your BIL then. Make him eat this halwa. Come in the house. She enters the house. Ram is scared. He says she entered the house, everything will be dark now. Koyal says why are you sweating Ram ji? This is the beginning of our BIL SIL relationship. SIL is half wife. She says in heart will become complete as well. This is just the beginning.


Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Koyal dances in the neighborhood on hawa hawai. Dulari looks at her dancing around Ram.


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