Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 7th October 2020 Radha says we have to stop Dulari from bei her friend.

Ram comes and says you will stop who? She says Dulari is going to that Koyal’s place with apples. Ram says what? He runs to stop Dulari. Dulari says is on the door. Ram runs to her. She says are you okay? He it’s not okay to ring bells. Let’s go. She says I came here to meet my Bidu. Ram says we don’t know her. Dulari says I came to know her. Where is she from, if she’s married or if someone fooled her in love. Ram says but she might not like it. She says yeah you’re right. Guru rings the bell and says it’s done.

Koyal comes and says you came and shook my heart’s buildings. She says didi come in. Ram says we have to go. Dulari says she is calling us in. You go to the parlor. Ram says but.. I can come too. Koyal says two sisters will sit and discuss their secrets. Why would we need you?

Scene 2
Dulari says you dance so well. Did you learn? She says life taught me. I wanted to live happy married life like you. But a guy betrayed me. Dulari says I won’t have left him if I were you. Dulari says how did he look like? She says tall, fair and good hair like Ram. Dulari says no one can be like my Ram.

Ram is at the parlour. A woman chanda comes. He does her facial. Ram asks the other girl and says I have to go somewhere. Dulari says you’re so pretty, why don’t you settle down. Or do you know a guy? She says yes there’s a guy. Dulari says who? Bell rings. Ram comes. He says Dulu let’s go. Dulari says I have to listen to Koyal’s love story. Koyal says I was telling didi why am I still single. Because of Ram ji. Ram is shocked. She says I mean because of God Ram. If he wanted me to get married would that guy have left me. Ram says let’s go Dulari. She says I met that guy near a village near Jhansi. I met him near the lake. He came with his uncle with a proposal. Ram says let’s go. She says our wedding was set but then I got to know he loved another girl. Ram says let’s go. Dulari says let me listen who did he love? She says what happened then? She says he didn’t come on the engagement day. Dulari says what was his name? She says Ram. Everyone is shocked. Koyal says Ram ji your phone is ringing. She says you’re lucky sister to have a husband like Ram. He left the customer alone. Dulari says Ram go to the customer. I will come on my own. Ram leaves.

Koyal calls Ram and says I told didi everything. He says what? She says didi will tell you that. Ram is scared. He says how will I answer Ram. Ram says I have to go. Ram runs home,

Scene 3
Ram comes home. Dulari is there. He says Dulu I know you know everything. But I want to tell why I did all this? She says how can you do that? He says I didn’t have another way. She says you should have told me that Bidu wants to come to the parlour without an appointment. She can come to the house and parlor anytime. She can even come when I am not there. Koyal says didi I will never go from here. Might find my lost love here.

Dulari says to Ram I didn’t say in front of Bidu. What happened wasn’t right. He says what? She says what happened with Chanda. you have to focus on work. Let’s sleep. They sleep. Ram comes out at night. Irfan is there. He says why are you here? He says only two people are up at night those who’re getting extra love and those who’re not getting any love. Ram says I have to tell Dulari before someone else tells her. He says I have a friend who made a mistake. He was about to marry a girl but he fell in love with another girl. I ran from the engagement and married Dulari. He says what? Ram says I mean my friend. The only problem is that the old girl is living in front of his house now. He says the guy should tell his wife before someone else does. but talk and clear with that girl first.


Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Ram comes to Koyal’s place. She first screams. Koyal sees Ram and says you came to steal my heart? Dulari comes out and says BIdu are you okay? open the door. Ram hides. Dulari comes in.


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