Rishton Ka Manjha 18th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Rishton Ka Manjha 18th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Rishton Ka Manjha 18th November 2021 Pandit ji asks for the flowers. Madhuri says get the flowers Depika. Depika says Diya has them. she will bring them. Arjun comes downstairs. Dadi says Diya brought Arjun took.

Arjun says I came for maa. Madhuri says and your mom is very happy. Tina says let me see Diya. Amitabh says she should have brought the flowers already. Arjun asks where is she? Dadi says she must be working out. Love says she’s nowhere. The maids say we have not seen her. Amitabh says where is she? Arjun says she will be here don’t worry.

Scene 2
Depika comes to the store and says the flowers are ruined. Madhuri says how? Depika says I don’t know but they’re smashed. Amitabh says you trusted her. Madhuri says where will get the flowers from. The time is running out. Niharika says she musy have left the flowers irrepsonsibly. Madhrui says how could you be so irresponsible? I shouldn’t have let her come to the pooja. Niharika says what will happen now?

Amitabh says pandit ji we are sorry. Arjun says where did Diya go? Let me call Diya, she must have gone to her place. Madhuri says because of that girl we won’t do pooja. There’s shortage. It’s 9 already. Pandit ji says not doing pooja would be a curse.

Diya comes in and says the pooja won’t be incomplete. Diya comes in with the flowers. Madhuri says because of you our pooja could have been left incomplete. Arjun says where were? Dadi says let her breathe. Diya says bhabhi these are 108 flowers. Mahduri says how did the flowers ruin? Where did you go? Diya says let’s do the pooja first. Dadi says she’s right.

Arjun asks Diya what happened. Why didn’t you tell me before leaving? Diya says I couldn’t waste time. I saw them smashed at 4. Kush told me. Kush said we can’t waste time. Let’s go to find them. Diya and Kush checked all the markets.

The flowers were nowhere. Diya asked everyone in the market. She was worried. She prayed at the temple. A woman came to sell them. She tells Diya where can she get 108 flowers from. But she says it’s far. Diay says I can walk there. She ran to the place. The place was a late of lilly flowers. Diya plucked flowers from there.

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