Rishton Ka Manjha 1st November 2021 Written Episode Update


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Rishton Ka Manjha 1st November 2021 Diya snatches the alcohol glass from Arjun. Arjun tells her not to interfere in his personal life. He says he has a space and they are married just because of badminton, Diya should not forget that.

She should focus on the match. Diya replies she won’t forget that but she will also get him out of this trap and will make things right and for that she doesn’t need his permission. She will also win the match and she is sure about that. Arjun gives a stare to Diya.

Niharika informs Amitabh that she called Diya and Arjun. One priest arrives and Tina says she called him to know about horoscopes about Diya and Arjun. This will erase Madhuri’s fear. Priest is about to say something but Arjun interrupts and says he already got married to Diya thus this prediction isn’t needed.

Madhuri gets shocked seeing Arjun drank alchohol. She says Diya’s arrival only brought bad omen in his life. So she will know what priest wants to say about Diya. Arjun doesn’t agree and Diya gets upset hearing Madhuri’s words. Dadi tells Arjun to not stop priest. Priest says Diya is not good for Arjun and he says about doshas.

Madhuri starts panicking and she blames Diya for all bad happenings. Arjun mocks the priest and Amitabh tells him not to insult the priest. Amitabh tells Arjun to get separated from Diya. Arjun says he doesn’t believe in priest’s words. He is fake and Arjun tells him to get out of the house. He tells Tina not to use such tactics to demean someone also he tells Amitabh to stay away from his married life.

He takes the Kundali and tears it apart. Amitabh warns him but Arjun doesn’t pay attention. Amitabh loses his temper and gets mad at Arjun but Dadi stops him. Priest tells about the solution which will remove the doshas. He says about Akhand Jyot which will be in Arjun’s room also Arjun and Diya wont be allowed to stay together in same room till one month.

Arjun adds everyone is blaming Diya for all the bad luck and his bad luck which is troubling him for years who will take the responsibility of that. He says doesn’t matter if he stays with Diya or not but he won’t believe in this superstitious things. Madhuri says Diya has to stay in guest room and Arjun won’t stop this from happening.

Amitabh tells Diya if she has self respect she will obey priest’s words. Arjun is about to talk to Amitabh but Diya stops Arjun. Arjun says showing tolerance in wrong places will affect her. She is an educated girl, she should not tolerate all these. Diya leaves and Arjun tells priest that he will meet his Guruji to know why Diya is not good for him. Priest gets nervous and asks Tina what will happen now. Tina tells him to relax and says she will transfer the money. She smirks saying Arjun and Diya won’t get united.

Niharika, Deepika and Dadi check the first night decorations in Arjun’s room. Diya hides and sees them. Niharika ruins all the decorations and says these are meaningless as First night won’t happen as per priest’s words. Diya gets disheartened and says if Arjun’s life is in danger because of her then she won’t enter his room like how priest said. They will stay separately. Dadi tells Niharika to clean the mess. She believes Diya will make everything alright in Arjun’s life.

Niharika says Arjun doesn’t care about his room condition. Arjun enters his room in inebriated state and Diya asks him if he is fine. Arjun talks in drunken state and Dadi says Madhuri will be very upset seeing this and he can’t take Diya’s responsibility like this. Arjun says he can’t stay away from alcohol. He says his past hurts him a lot. Noone understands him but only alchohol gives him relief. He lays down.

Niharika says plan is successful as Diya and Arjun got separated. Kush hears it and Niharika diverts the topic saying she is really tired. Kush doubts her intentions and Niharika thinks how come Kush got to learn about her plan. She asks Kush why he thinks she is involved in this. Kush says if she is not then it’s fine but even if she tries to humiliate Diya the latter will handle the situation everytime. Niharika gets irked.

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