Rishton Ka Manjha 22nd November 2021 Written Episode Update


Rishton Ka Manjha 22nd November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Rishton Ka Manjha 22nd November 2021 Diya says I want to go to arti. I never asked you for anything. Just come to the arti. Arjun says you can’t go to arti, Madhuri says why not? She is well now. Diya says yes. Madhuri says Depika will take care of her. Depika help her get ready. arjun leaves. Diya says what happened to him. Mahduri says he won’t come. He wants to run away from those memories.

Nikharika fights with Kush and says you want to make fun of me by getting me insulted. Let me die. I would rather kill myself. Kush says change yourself before it’s too late. This is your last warning. If you do such things again, I will forget there’s anything between us.

Scene 2
Diya calls her mom and says I went to get flowers. I am fine don’t worry. She says to depika I can’t tell her about the snake bite. She will get worried. DEpika says let me help you get ready. Diya says I hope Arjun comes. Diya says my heart says he will come for me. Arjun sees his kurta. Diya says let’s go to his room once and maybe he might decide to come. Depika says I will pray.

Diya comes to Arjun’s room and says are you in washroom? Tina says he’s not home. He left. He leaves the house on this day. Arjun gets a call and says I am coming there. He leaves in a hurry. Diya says maa would get really sad. Let me call Arjun. Diya calls Arjun. He cuts and says I won’t let this truth slip out of my hands. Diya says he is not picking.

Scene 3
The pooja starts. Love says papa you look excited. He says it’s pooja day. Where is Kush? He can dance. We three can dance. We don’t need Arjun.

Kaka tells Arjun he saw Karan going inside the shed. He has never filed tax. He was dealing for a corrupted tender. Karan got the cash and kept it in his locker. Arjun says I am sure he’s planning to ruin Diya’s career like mine. I will ruin his plan and expose him before that.

Scene 4
Tina says did Kush tell Arjun? Niharika says not yet. Tina says we can’t do anything right now. We have to be careful.
Dadi tells Diya how Arjun gave anjali after years. She says I know Arjun will come to the arti. You will convince him. Diya says he’s not home.

Arjun and kaka sneak in. They try to look for the locker. The watchman gets alerted. Kaka and Arjun come to the office. They look for the file. Karan is outside. He forogt his car keys. Karan goes back towards the office. Arjun is looking for the file. Arjun finds the file. He says this file clearly tells about his corruption. I will expose Karan. Karan comes in. He says how are lights on? The door si open too. Arjun and kaka hide. Karan sees things messed. Arjun is hidden under the table.


Rishton Ka Manjha 23rd November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Madhuri comes to diya ans says i want to give you my jewellery after pooja. Tina says this is the best chance to turn madhuri against Diya.


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