Rishton Ka Manjha 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Rishton Ka Manjha 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Rishton Ka Manjha 24th August 2021 Diya looks at Arjun who is lying in her lap unconscious. She asks people to help her. They bring water. Diya sprinkles it on him and tries to wake him up. Arjun grunts and gets up. Diya asks if he needs water? Arjun tries to control himself. A man taunts him for over-drinking. Arjun asks them to get lost. Diya says you could have hurt someone. Arjun says no one was hurt, I got hurt and my car took the burnt so you all leave. Everyone leaves. Diya glares at him and says do you understand the meaning of drunk driving? Did you fight at your house? Arjun ignores her. Diya asks if it’s about a girl? No problem can be big enough to put your life in danger. Arjun tries to ignore her and asks her to get lost, you are a stupid girl.

Diya says I had important work but I had to take care of you, stay here and I will bring a bandage. Arjun says you can call the police, my name is Arjun Agarwal. Arjun gets a call from his family, his bhabhi asks him to come for his father Amitabh’s birthday party. Arjun says if I come to the party then people will make fun of my name again. He ends the call. Diya tries to wipe his wound and says I am not a girl who would leave someone that’s bleeding. I am late for my tournament so you will give me a lift. Do you know who is Karan Mathur? It’s his tournament. Arjun recalls how he used to play with Karan. How they were badminton enemies. Diya says let’s go, I am late. Arjun says fine, let’s meet your Karan Mathur.

At Arjun’s house, everyone is ready for the party. Niharika scolds her staff for cheap decor. Maa asks bhabhi if Arjun is coming? Bhabhi says he ended the call. Niharika says he always wants to insult us. Amitabh comes there and she is right, we have to control him. I know who can control him, that’s Tina. Only she can handle him. Niharika says you are totally right, they are a good match. If Arjun marries Tina then he will benefit but our whole family will benefit also. Her husband comes there and says you are thinking about Arjun’s benefit now?

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