Rishton Ka Manjha 25th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Rishton Ka Manjha 25th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Rishton Ka Manjha 25th October 2021 Diya says maa please eat and tell me how it is. Dadi says Madhuri if there were any girl she would have gone. But she cooked in the garden to take care of our rituals. Love comes. Diya says please have kheer. He says don’t do this drama. Dadi says she ruined our family name and business.

We lost a 200 crore business. So much happened because of this girl. Arjun says her name is Diya. And she is the DIL of this house. So be careful if you talk like this again. I am going reception in hotel. You can stay here and answer the media. Diya says Arjun how can we do the reception without papa?

He says let me do what I want. We will do reception today only. Diya says ma please eat a bit. Madhuri looks away. Tina says in heart if Arjun gets angry he might leave this house. Tina says aunty please eat. diya made this kheer with so much love. Please eat it. she eats and says it’s delicious. Please try. For Arjun. Madhuri eats it. Everyone smiles.

Madhuri says don’t think I will forgive you. You don’t care but I care about this family. DAdi says I know she loved it. You all eat it. Tina says Diya I have a request. I wanted to gift you an outfit. Will you wear it at the reception? Diya says of course. You helped me convince maa. I can do that.

Scene 2
Niharika says Tina you’re so kind. Your one sided love is so strong. Tina says shut up. Niharika says what happened? Was it a drama?

Diya gives kheer to arjun. She says it doesn’t taste like khichdi. Dadi says how is it?> He coughs and says it’s okay. Depika says okay? He says yeah just ate it. Anyway, Diya focus on practice. He takes the bowl and leaves. Depika says he was teasing you.

Tina says I can lose a bit for Diya. He cares so much about her. He didn’t like when aunty didn’t like it. Arjun can leave this house. That girl has to go from here alone. I need your help to kick her out. niharika says we will both kick her out. Let’s shut the reception. Tina says no it’s a good place to show her place to her. Tina calls Karan.

Scene 3
Depika says the room is so dirty. Arjun says it’s okay. Depika says you don’t live in this room alone now. We have to prepare for the reception. What’s after reception? We have to prepare for it. He says food? She says no wedding night. We have to decorate it. He says don’t distract her with all this from badminton. She will lose her focus and maa won’t like it. She asked her not to stay with me. Diya says I will do this, Maa will be convinced. She asks the maid to clean the room. Arjun says she won’t focus on championship if she gets into these rituals.

Scene 4
Karan recalls Arjun saying Diya will win at all costs. He gets the invite of the reception.

Depika says Diya get ready. We have to do many rituals. Depika says dadi has gone to your place to invite them. Niharika hears it. Diya tries to call Shobha. Depika brings Arjun in and says Arjun stop staring at her. See this gift for Diya. This mangalsutra. Make her wear it. He says did maa give it? She says dadi gave it. She kept it for your wife. Arjun makes her wear the mangalsutra.


Rishton Ka Manjha 26th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dadi says to Mohan it’s Diya and Arjun’s reception. You have to come. Tina says Diya will get a gift from Karan and her family will get a grand welcome.


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