Rishton Ka Manjha 26th October 2021 Written Episode Update


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Rishton Ka Manjha 26th October 2021 Dadi comes to Moha and Mira to invite them for the reception. She says you all have to come. Diya is our DIL now. Mohan says you made my heart a lot lighter. Dadi says Diya will be happy in that house.

Mohan says we know you will love her even more than us. He says you all have to come. Although it’s your daughter’s house so you don’t need any invitation to come there. Kaki says bhabhi kicked us out and dadi invited us? Shobha says they are good to ehr.

Tina says this reception will be full of drama. Diya will get her gift from Karan and her family would be embarrased. She took my Arjun from me. Now the entire city will see her drama. She tells the plan to Nisharika.

Scene 2
Mira prepares gifts. Mohan says this is all for Diya’s family. He helps Shobha and Mira. Mohan says would they like the things we take? Mira says they are good people. Kaki says you can’t buy things of their worth. Mira says we aren’t trying to compete. Mohan says they are nice people. Kaki says think before you go. How will you answer people? And Diya, how will seh face so many people? Mohan says Arjun is with Diya.

Tina says to Madhuri aunty why are yo not ready? Niharika says the guests are coming. Tina says you have to introduce Diya. Madhuri says she is’t my DIL. Why would I introduce her? tina says there will be many guests. You have to be there. Mahduri says what will I tell people? My heart isn’t big like yours. I want some peace. Arjun says maa without your blessings this reception won’t complete.

Madhuri says Tina ask him to leave. Arjun asks Tina and Niharika to leave. Madhuri says go from here. Arjun says I can’t go away from you. I missed you a lot. She says go from here. I don’t want to talk to you. Arjun says please sit here. You can be mad at me. You have always been with me. I thought you would be with me in this decision as well.

I know you’re hurt. But let’s end it please? Diya is also hurt like you. When I met her, she had nothing more than her dream. Her life would end if her dream broke. The way I did. You always find peopel who break your dream. But I wanted to protect her dream. I will never let you down. Please accept us.

Scene 3
Depika gets Diya ready and says you look pretty. Niharika says I will handle the makeup. Depika you go and see the guests. Depika says but.. Niharika says you should go downstairs. Depika says make sure she looks the best. Niharika says don’t worry. Niharika says let me get you ready Diya. Everyone will look at you.

I know you’re not used t expensive makeup. Let the artist do their job. Don’t see the mirror. You will look like a fairy. She says it isn’t a good omen for girl to see mirror. Do ghunghat and come downstairs. It’s our ritual. She asks the makeup artist to get her ready. Niharika tells Tina it’s done.

Karan is on his way with flowers. He says a gift that you will remember forever Arjun. Badminton got you married, it will ruin your life as well. Diya can never defeat Arjun.

The makeup artist does Diya’s funny makeup. She says non one has to see your face before the gmunh dikhai.

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