Rishton Ka Manjha 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Rishton Ka Manjha 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Rishton Ka Manjha 27th August 2021 Mohan comes on the stage and grabs Diya’s hand. She says I won against Mounika. Karan says she is talented, you should encourage her. Mohan drags her away. Arjun tells Karan that some big man must have bought her talent. Karan gets angry seeing him and says Arjun? Arjun says thank you for making me like this. Karan asks the security to throw him out. Arjun says I have to thank you, he throws a shoe at him but Karan moves away. The security grabs Arjun. Arjun screams that he is a fake and cheat, Karan Mathur my foot. Karan is angry hearing all that in front of the media and says I ended his career till now but now I will destroy his life, that will my mission.
Arjun is thrown out of the venue, he is laughing and gets Deepika’s call. She asks why is he laughing? Arjun says I saw a funny movie, I am happy today so ask anything you want. Deepika says tomorrow is dad’s birthday so please come home. Arjun says fine, I will be there.

Mohan brings Diya home and is angry at her. Meera says she is your daughter so don’t be harsh. Diya tells Mohan that I won your honor back by winning against Mounika. Mohan angrily slaps her.

Deepika tells Maa and Dadi that Arjun is coming home tomorrow. They are happy to hear that.

Meera rushes to Diya and asks Mohan to not raise hand on her. Mohan says I gave her too much freedom. Diya says you taught me to never lose our honor. I am very happy to play and win for you today. Mohan says if you had cared for my respect then you would have been here. Diya says Mounika had locked me in a room that’s why I got late. Mohan shouts to stop lying now. Diya cries and says I am not lying. A good man took me out of that room.

Arjun is driving home and sees his cracked mirror. He recalls meeting Diya today. How Mohan took her away. He calls the tournament venue and asks if he can get the winner’s address? I am from the press. The receptionist gives him Diya’s address. Arjun tries locating her address on Google maps and says I have to give back her cycle.

Meera asks Diya if she is fine? Mohan says don’t listen to her, I don’t trust her anymore, she doesn’t care about my upbringing. The guests were questioning my upbringing and it brought so much shame to me. Diya cries and says I didn’t know you would have to bear so much shame because of me, I am sorry. Mohan says you knew the groom’s family would be here. I would end this madness today. He takes her badminton equipment and breaks everything. Diya tries to stop him but he burns the racket. Diya cries seeing that.

Mohan’s manager comes to his house. Mohan asks if everything is fine? The manager says your boss has called you right now. Mohan is worried. Meera says why would he have called you? Mohan says your daughter insulted his daughter. Diya thinks I won’t let him lose respect in this fight. She says I will come with you. Mohan says you have done enough, don’t step out of this house. He leaves. Diya says I can’t leave him alone. Meera tries to stop her but Diya pushes her aside and leaves.

Arjun is looking around for Diya’s house.

Mohan comes to his boss’s house. Mounika is hurt. Diya arrives there too. All glares at her. Mohan whispers at her to leave. Mounika attacks her and says how dare you beat me? Mohan’s boss glares at him and says you came to me 19 years ago looking for a job and I took you in. Mohan says I am always thankful for that. Mounika’s father Rajkumar says it’s good to see that your daughter won today but you know I can’t let my head down. Mohan says it was Diya’s fault, she will give the trophy to Mounika. Rajkumar says it won’t bring back my daughter’s honor. Diya says I didn’t do anything wrong, I won because I was better than her. Rajkumar tells Mohan that you gave education to her but she doesn’t know her limits and standard. Diya says I am sorry if you felt bad but if I am better than Mounika then how is it my fault? Mohan says I am sorry, I will get her married and this all will end. Rajkumar says you should take care of your daughter, I am firing you right now. Mohan is stunned. Rajkumar ask Mohan to leave the house that company gave him, you have to leave the city today only. Mohan begs him. Diya says I am pleading you to not punish him because of me. Rajkumar says now you understand your limits? Mohan falls down to his knees and begs him. Mounika smirks at Diya. Rajkumar asks his manager to do the job and leaves. Mohan breakdowns.

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